Rest days are usually boring, meaning I have nothing to post about, but today I have lots to share!

1. I officially registered for the Lake Sammamish Half-Marathon on March 9. It’s a “flat and fast” course that is “perfect for a personal best,” so I’ll aim for sub-1:59!

Fun fact: The race directors are a married couple named Roger and Yumay, and they also organize a bunch of mountain bike races that Aaron competes in! I hung out with Yumay and helped out with finish-line stuff a few times last summer while Aaron was racing. It’ll be fun to be the one competing at one of their races instead of spectating.

2. I joined a local running group. I was Googling for a discount code for the race and stumbled upon a Green Lake running group. The members meet up on Saturday mornings for long runs of various distances, plus track workouts, casual runs, and more throughout the week. A bunch of them are currently training for the Lake Sammamish Half!

I signed up and RSVP’d to tomorrow’s long run (and also used their discount code for the race… heh). It looks like a few other people have 8 miles to do (I have 8.5, but I have some distance to run to the meeting point), so I’ll check it out and see if I can make some new running buddies!

3. There is a TRACK right next to Green Lake. OMFG. Mind = blown.


According to Seattle Parks & Recreation, it’s a verified 400 m synthetic track. Ummm…. what have I been doing with my life?? Running around the goddamn lake for speed workouts, that’s what!

4. I got new Under Armour running tights! Thank you, Aaron, for another belated Christmas gift! : )


(Apparently my mirror is really dirty…) I got my current running tights in Dec. 2010 and they’ve been worn and washed to the point of ill-fitting saggy-ness. Not cute.

I ordered these Under Armour tights off the Interwebs without trying them on in a store first, and the medium fits perfectly! (I am 5’6" and 144 lbs, for reference.) They are sooo soft and comfortable; I can see myself just wearing these around the house! Can’t wait to test them out tomorrow.

5. Is that it? I think that’s it. Now, I kick back with a beer and get my weekend on!


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