Pregnancy: Week 17


I have Aaron take these photos on Saturday or Sunday when we have plenty of daylight, which is before I actually “turn” another week pregnant on Tuesday. So, I think we took this one on a Saturday, and then I hit 17 weeks the following Tuesday, and now I’m writing this the following weekend so I can reflect back on everything that happened this week. Make sense?

Anyway, when we took this photo last weekend, I compared it to the 16-week photo and thought not much had changed in the belly department.


The lighting was different, nearly all the leaves had fallen off that tree, and I was wearing a different color of the same Old Navy shirt (story of my life), but otherwise I didn’t see much difference and I was a little bummed. I’ve definitely had food babies bigger than that bump.

WELL. That was then, and later in the week, I noticed my belly suddenly seemed huge.


It might have been the fitted tank (this one, from A Pea in the Pod), but I finally felt super-obviously pregnant. Even a co-worker very tactfully and politely commented on it — my first comment like that, even though they all know I’m expecting. I think people are scared to say anything, which I totally understand since it’s difficult to know whether or not a pregnant woman is self-conscious about getting bigger, and commenting on someone’s body is generally a no-no at work. (At this point I’m not self-conscious/would not care about getting comments, but I’ll let ya know how I’m feeling in the weeks to come!)

Fun fact: I’ve had that plaid shirt for three+ years, and wore it for our engagement photo shoot back in 2013.


It fit a little differently back then. 🙂

Anyway, enough about me. How’s the baby doing?

Great, according to our doctor! Aaron and I visted her this week for a quick monthly checkup and heard the baby’s heartbeat going strong at 142 beats per minute. Once again, I was anxious to hear the heartbeat because I’ve been feeling so normal and was worried that something was wrong. I’m just paranoid.

I’m now definitely sure that I’m feeling the baby kick/move on a nearly daily basis, though, which is reassuring! It still feels faintly jabby, almost like the start of a cramp, so it always freaks me out a little at first before I realize it’s just super-fun gymnastics time in there.

I was also up on the scale with a three-pound net gain from my first official weigh-in at 9 weeks. I was down two pounds at 13 weeks, and this week I was up five pounds, so I’m finally going in the right direction!

This still sounds low to me, but our doctor wasn’t concerned and the baby is clearly growing, so I won’t worry about it. I feel like I’m eating all day, every day, and I certainly never let myself get very hungry. I’m also indulging in plenty of treats, like Aaron’s homemade cookies and this incredible find from Costco:


Be still my heart. Now a slice of cheesecake is just a quick thaw away. And no crappy flavors in this mix! Usually multipacks have at least one bad flavor, y’know?

That said, I’m still trying to eat vegetables (not super successfully) and work out regularly. I made it to the gym four times this week! I feel like Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday is a good schedule right now. That way I can have a rest day every other day during the work week, and then go back-to-back both weekend days when I have tons of free time and more energy.

Here’s how I exercised this week:

Tuesday: 45 minutes of walking on the treadmill at 4.0 speed (15 min/mile pace) on the random hill setting. Including a five-minute cool-down, I walked 3.1 miles.

Thursday: 20 minutes of weights (mostly 10 lb. weights, with some 15 lb. weights on the exercises where that feels comfortable) and 15 minutes of treadmill walking, 4.0 speed/random hills.

Saturday: 40 minutes of treadmill walking, 4.0 speed/random hills, with a five-minute cool-down.

Sunday: 20 minutes of weights and 15 minutes of treadmill walking, 4.0 speed/random hills, with a five-minute cool-down.

I’m not doing anything very strenuous; just enough to get my heartrate up and get me sweating a little. I listen to the Pitbull station on Pandora while I’m walking to keep me pumped up and feeling badass. I hope the baby can’t hear those jamz, because otherwise that is some shitty parenting on my part.

So, why am I no longer running? A few reasons:

1. I don’t really feel like it.
2. I hate running on the treadmill, and it’s too dark, cold, and (sometimes) rainy for me to get the motivation to run outside if I really don’t have to.
3. I enjoy walking, and I don’t mind doing it on the treadmill.

I think I’ve run a total of five times during my pregnancy. The first few times were in late August, shortly after I found out, and my lower abdomen just felt weird and heavy. Honestly, I got freaked out by any sort of pang or cramp and decided to dial back on exercise for my own peace of mind. Aaron and I took some long walks around our neighborhood instead, which I really enjoyed.

Then I got hit with serious exhaustion and pretty much failed to exercise at all for a whole month. Once I had my energy back, I went for a few runs in late September and they were definitely run/walk situations, heavy on the walking.

My last run was on our first wedding anniversary, October 3, at nearly 11 weeks pregnant. It was an amazingly gorgeous day outside and I did 4 miles of running/walking. I think I ran the first mile without stopping, and then just had to walk more and more after that. I didn’t mean for that to be my last pregnant run; it just kind of was, and I’m cool with that.

I follow many bloggers who continued to run throughout their pregnancies, and I also follow a few who decided to stop at some point. Neither way is right or wrong, of course; every woman does what feels right for her. I fully intend to resume running eventually, after I recover from childbirth and can work my way back up to it, but right now I’m enjoying taking a break from my usual form of exercise and trying something different.

Part of me also thinks I’d get a bit down about the fact that my running would only get slower and slower, and that I’d have to walk more and more anyway. I might keep comparing my pregnant runs to my old, non-pregnant runs. Why put that pressure on myself? 

Anyway, that’s all for this week! I’ll see you on the other side of Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a very happy holiday celebrating with friends and/or family!

Pregnancy: Week 16

I am now four months pregnant! Whenever someone asks me how far along I am, I choose my answer depending on whether that person has kids or not. 16 weeks likely means nothing to a person who’s never been pregnant or the partner of a pregnant woman, so I just go with four months. Every week means something new and different to me, but most people just want to figure out how long it’ll be until the baby comes (answer: 24 weeks, or 6 whole months). 40 weeks = 10 months of pregnancy, which seems like it’s going to feel like forever!

Aaron and I bought a glider this week from a woman who told us her daughter was “almost 25 months!” followed by, “I guess I should stop counting in months now, huh?” Parents are funny. We’re well on our way there.

Anyway, the glider! My mom-friend Marion is super-active on lots of buy/sell/trade Facebook groups and tagged me in a post she saw advertising this glider with matching ottoman for just $50. It could not be in more perfect shape, as the family wound up not really using it, and we gladly took it home!

I’ve always wanted an ottoman that glides along with the chair, and now all my gliding dreams have come true.

Another big purchase this week was Aaron’s great find on the same Facebook group: a Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat with base and stroller caddy (affiliate links) for $100. The whole set is very highly rated and sells for $300 new!

(I’m way too lazy to take my own pics, as the caddy is in the garage and… no. I also just ate two spoonfuls of chocolate ganache, so that gives you an accurate picture of my life right now.)

I love buying baby things from people because it’s fun to meet the kiddos who used them before, and the parents are always eager to show off the cool features to us. The mom who sold us this set said she used several different carseats with her three kids and this was her very fave. It was also fun to push the empty stroller around her beautiful, amazing, ripped-from-a-design-magazine kitchen at her insistence. Gotta check out that turn radius, y’know.

We also booked our babymoon this week! In lieu of a fancy trip to someplace warm, we decided on a romantic weekend getaway in February to a rustic bed-and-breakfast just a few hours away from Seattle. A former co-worker highly recommended this place to me several months ago, and as soon as Aaron heard about the five-course gourmet breakfast, he was in! It’ll double as our Valentine’s Day celebration, although we’re going the weekend before Valentine’s Day.

Our other big source of excitement this week was hosting the inaugural Bacon Bake-Off! We invited several friends to cook or bake their best bacon-featuring dish, taste everything potluck-style, and compete against one another for a super-sweet trophy. Gillian won with her delicious bacon cinnamon rolls! 

A few friends used our kitchen to finish cooking their dishes, and for a little while it was like a Chopped-style flurry of activity. I may or may not have screamed, “Five, four, three, two, one!” at Chris as he assembled his pork-belly sliders (which earned him second place).

Just in case it wasn’t already clear, hosting an event like this is the greatest thing ever when you’re pregnant. People bring delicious food to you! You get to eat it, and then eat more of it! I had to have a second taste of those cinnamon rolls, of course.

Plus, we got to play with 11-month-old Josh, the son of Aaron’s BFF Adam.

We discovered that our place is pretty kid-friendly, except for the two death-trap staircases that we definitely don’t have baby gates for yet. But Josh was cool and didn’t try to throw himself down them. Thanks, kid!

And now, an update on how I’m feeling: not pregnant. I still feel really normal and forget I’m growing a human most of the time. 

However, I THINK I’ve felt the baby move a couple of times — but I’m still not sure. It feels kind of… jabby? It’s so faint and so infrequent, but it does kind of freak me out when it happens. I always thought feeling a baby move inside of me would feel kind of like an alien living in there, and if what I’m feeling is it, then it totally does. I will be happy to feel my first “real” kick, where I know for sure it’s the kiddo saying hi!

I’m still sleeping really well and only getting up once a night to use the bathroom, so that’s sweet. I do find myself going to bed earlier and earlier because sleep is just soooo lovely. I went to bed at 8:15 Thursday night and it was the best. Even on weekends, I’m in bed by 9 or 9:30. 

As for exercise, I think I only made it to the gym once this week for 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill. Ugh, so sad. I’m in the midst of switching up my schedule so that I’m going to work earlier and leaving earlier, which is what Aaron already does, so we can have more free time together in the late afternoons/evenings. I thought it would be easier to go to the gym in the afternoon, but so far I haven’t been motivated at all, as I’m still in the mentality of immediately putting on sweatpants and lounging once I get home from work.

Next week, I’ll try harder? Maybe? Yes, yes I will.

Pregnancy: Weeks 14 & 15

There were a few things I forgot to mention in my first trimester recap:

– I started having crazy dreams immediately after finding out I was pregnant! They were the weirdest, most vivid dreams I’ve ever had. I still have them, but they just don’t faze me anymore because they’re so frequent and I’m so used to them. Hormones are nuts.

– I don’t think I properly conveyed the level of exhaustion I experienced during the first trimester, but I was pretty constantly worn-out. I felt like I was recovering from a long run all the time. I never missed work or had to go home early because of it, though, thanks to the nap rooms my company provides! 


At the height of my exhaustion, I’d visit the HR desk at lunchtime 2-3 times a week to check out a key to one of the three small rooms, take a 20-30 minute nap in the glorious pitch black, and then return to work feeling refreshed and energized. Thank goodness for the nap rooms!!! When I told my boss I was pregnant, she was like, “Oh, we have these nap rooms…” and I was like, “Trust me, I’m a frequent flyer.”

The nap rooms are located right across the hall from the mothers’ room, which is for breastfeeding mothers to pump. That’ll be my next stop when I go back to work after maternity leave…

Now, let’s talk about weeks 14 and 15 of pregnancy!


As soon as I entered the second trimester, I felt like a fog had been lifted. I became more alert, more productive at work, more energized when I woke up in the morning, and more likely to actually go work out. I went to the gym two or three times during week 14 to walk on the treadmill and lift weights. I also didn’t note any particular negative symptoms, cravings or aversions; I just felt pretty normal. Woo-hoo!!

Aaron and I made two major purchases that made this whole baby thing seem really real! He found a great 4-in-1 convertible crib (here’s the exact one – affiliate link) on Craigslist that we bought for $50. We brought it home in a bunch of pieces late on a weeknight and Aaron was so excited that he had it assembled within 15 minutes. Someone can’t wait to be a dad!


The next night, I came home to find a stroller sitting in our dining room! Aaron found a family selling their practically-new BOB Revolution stroller (affiliate link) — including a rain cover and cupholder attachment thingy — for well below what the whole setup costs new. I hadn’t even thought about researching strollers yet, but Aaron had already read a bunch of reviews, chatted with our parent friends, and decided on this model — and then one popped up on Craigslist the next day! Apparently the family is having another baby and wanted to buy a double stroller instead.

By the way, I really hate researching things and choosing the best thing to buy, so I’m thrilled that Aaron is into this. He also started an Amazon baby registry for us and put all sorts of things on it that I didn’t even know he knew about. I’ll mention things like a bottle warmer I used back in my babysitting days, and he’ll say, “It’s on the registry.” Dang, he’s on top of it!

Some of our parent friends added us to local buy/sell/trade groups and our neighborhood Buy Nothing group on Facebook so we can continue to be on the lookout for opportunities to find good baby stuff secondhand rather than buying them new or requesting pricy gifts. Other big nursery items we need — but aren’t in any hurry to find — include a dresser that can double as a changing table, and a comfy glider and ottoman.

We finished the week by celebrating Halloween at my friend Carly’s new grown-up house in the suburbs. It was a very tame pizza-eating, football-watching affair that was perfect for a prego who obviously had no interest in drinking and partying like the old days. 


Aaron and I dressed up as chefs who were cooking up a lil’ lobster, in a nod to the lobster costume I wore five years ago the night we had our first kiss. 🙂


We had to change our photo location for the first time since we lost our weekday afternoon light due to the end of Daylight Saving Time, and our plan to take the photo over the weekend failed since the weather was horribly dark, windy, and rainy! So Aaron and I met up for lunch one day downtown (our offices are a 10-minute walk from each other — sweet) and snapped a quick one then. The bump is slowly emerging!

Again, I made it to the gym three times this week for walking and weights. I also started making a green smoothie every morning as a way to get more veggies into my diet since I still don’t love the idea of eating them by themselves. I blend the following to make a jumbo smoothie:

– Two handfuls of a spinach/kale/chard mix (we get a big one-pound bag at Costco)
So Delicious coconut milk
– A scoop of egg-white protein, or a serving of Chobani yogurt
– A bit of canned pineapple along with some of the juice for sweetness
– Frozen fruit or ice — enough to give the mixture a smoothie-like texture

I don’t measure anything, so the smoothie turns out a little different every day, but it’s always delicious and masks the flavor of the greens just enough without being too sweet.

I also eat scrambled eggs for breakfast, and then have multiple snacks before lunch, and then have multiple afternoon snacks, and then dinner. Dinner nearly every night during week 15 was a grilled-cheese sandwich with pickles and a bowl full of sugar snap peas dipped in ranch dressing. Basically, pregnancy is my second childhood.


My pregnancy eating is a lot like my marathon-training eating in that it is constant, and therefore full of snacks. Unlike marathon-training eating, my pregnancy eating still somehow does not have me gaining much weight — my 15-week at-home weigh-in put me at one pound lower than my weight at four weeks pregnant (WTF) — but I know that’s about to change soon. Apparently the baby is doubling in weight every week at this point, so the lbs are going to hit me like a freight train. I’m ready and willing! Whatever it takes for this kiddo to grow healthy and strong.

Lastly, speaking of physical changes, I can feel my body parts slowly spreading out — particularly my hips. My right hip will ache if I stand or walk around too long, and I asked a mom about this recently: “Is this normal?” In one breath, she replied, “Yupanditgetssomuchworsejustwait.” Sweet. Nice knowing you, hips. I assume you’ll eventually find your way back with all the accuracy of a Mr. Potato Head assembled by a toddler.

That said, I’m really enjoying feeling fairly normal again and will be sure to savor this before my belly starts getting huuuuuge and I feel not-normal again. I’m so excited to hit 16 weeks pregnant — four whole months! — and yet feel such anticipation for our next big appointment, the anatomy scan, a whole month away.

I want time to slow down and speed up all at once. I can’t wait to hold our newborn baby, yet I fell asleep the other night worrying like crazy over how we’re going to raise this kid to be a smart teenager who doesn’t do dumb shit like participate in a high-school sexting ring (that is a CNN link, btw, not something unsavory).

The world is a scary place!!! How will I protect our kid from bullying and sexting and the Kardashians? How will I learn to let go of enough of my anxiety so I can let our kid fall and cry and make mistakes and not live too much of a coddled life?

I guess I will do everything one day at a time. Tomorrow, that just means trying to get some walking in, drinking my greens, eating plenty of snacks, and getting some rest. Come next spring, that just means feeding and holding and loving this baby with all of my heart. I can worry about manners and morals and an appropriate opinion of the Kardashians at a later date.

Deep breaths. One day at a time.

First Trimester Recap

The first trimester of my pregnancy was a secretive time when I kept most of my experiences to myself or only shared them with Aaron and close family/friends, so now I’m excited to overshare. I loved reading these types of posts from other bloggers for the purpose of comparing my early symptoms to theirs, so hopefully this will be useful to someone out there!

If this crazy-long post is too much for you, here are the main points:

1. I fared relatively well in terms of icky symptoms, like nausea. Huzzah!
2. I was utterly terrified that something would go wrong pretty much every day.

Ready? Let’s go!

We found out we were expecting at exactly four weeks. I felt really normal the whole week, but I did notice I suddenly had a crazy-sensitive sense of smell. I picked up the scent of cigarettes on a co-worker who I previously hadn’t realized was a smoker, and could smell people’s perfume and microwaved lunches more vividly than ever. These smells didn’t bother me… yet.

I was grateful that no other symptoms had kicked in yet because my brother, Aaron and I surprised my dad with a little weekend trip for his 60th birthday, which involved a day-long hike and a fun night at a little cabin right on a river. I can’t imagine having pulled it off while nauseous or exhausted!


I started getting really cold at work and craving creamy soups like crazy. Nearly every day this week, I had soup with oyster crackers for lunch and it made me so happy. 

A few other cravings kicked in, and they were all carb-tastic: bread, biscuits, corn muffins, a Taco Time Burrito. No aversions yet.

Two big events happened this week: one of my oldest friends, Carly, got engaged, and Aaron and I attended my 10-year high-school reunion with my little gang of BFFs and their gentlemen. 

As soon as Carly told me she and her fiance were rapidly planning a spring 2016 wedding, we decided to tell her the baby news in the hopes that she would take the due date into consideration when choosing a wedding date. I made it clear that I didn’t expect her to plan her wedding around the status of my womb — especially so early in the pregnancy, when anything could happen — but that I’d be devastated if I didn’t tell her and then had to miss her wedding because she unwittingly chose a late April or early May date. Luckily, she and her fiance ultimately chose April 2, so I will be nearly 37 weeks prego but assuming all goes well, I’ll get to see her walk down the aisle!

Once Carly knew, it seemed silly to keep it a secret from the rest of my BFFs, so Aaron broke the news while taking a photo of us before the reunion: “One… two… three… Devon’s pregnant!” He then snapped several great photos of their reactions. Carly, on the far right, is just laughing hysterically since she already knew. 🙂


My cravings for bread — especially sourdough — continued this week, and several common aversions kicked in, including salad, cooked broccoli, eggs, most meat, peppers and onions, and anything with strong spices. I was glad to be at my relatively new job because my old co-workers would have definitely noticed me eating the opposite of what I usually eat at lunchtime! Sandwiches and other carb-based items solidly replaced my typical salad and meat.

I started getting hit with some nausea this week as well, and it felt like being hungover and having a sour feeling in my stomach that I needed to soak up by eating some sort of bread. Hence… all the bread I ate.

This week was exciting because Aaron and I attended an hourlong “intro to pregnancy” session at the hospital where I’ll give birth. It was mostly super-basic info about how not to kill our unborn child and what to expect at our future ob-gyn appointments, but we did get some valuable tips from other women in the group who already had kids. One lady suggested having quick snacks on hand at all times (crucial), and another recommended keeping crackers by your bed so you could eat a few before even getting up to curb nausea.

The next morning, I woke up and found this next to my bed:


Aaron had put together this adorable container of plain Saltines and little Saltine/peanut butter sandwiches. I almost cried. He is the best. I relied heavily on this container for the next few weeks, and Aaron refilled it as needed. ❤

We also told Aaron’s mom and stepdad the news this week! We went to their house for dinner and they were grilling steak, so they would have known something was up anyway if I asked for my steak to be well-done and didn’t say why. They were shocked because they didn’t think we’d started trying yet, and then of course they were very excited!

Cravings: Sourdough toast with butter and jam, tuna melt, chocolate coconut milk.

Aversions: The same as before, although I realized I could stomach fried eggs in a sandwich (yay, more bread!) and get some protein that way.

I bought a new bra this week because my old bras were getting super uncomfortable in both the cups and bands. (Oh, did I not mention sore boobs before now? I can’t remember when that started, but it’s still pretty much a constant symptom.) Anyway, I just got one soft/underwire-free bra from Target because I figured it wouldn’t be the last one I’d need to size up to during pregnancy. It still fits as of 14 weeks, so woo-hoo!

We told my mom and stepdad this week! I was going to a baseball game with them where there would be complimentary beer courtesy of my mom’s work, and I knew they would be suspicious if I didn’t drink. Aaron and I casually dropped a major hint prior to leaving for the game, and my mom’s jaw dropped before she said, “Are you pregnant????” and then started dancing around the room. Ha! She then had soooo much fun telling all her co-workers at the game that she was going to be a grandma!


Cravings: Bagels with cream cheese (which I indulged every day!), pancakes, Panda Express chow mein and orange chicken (not sorry for this one, so good), corn muffins still.

Aversions: Same.

We told my dad this week! We took him out to dinner the night before he left for a monthlong trip to Europe, and I struggled with whether we should tell him or not because I worried we’d get bad news at our first ultrasound (9 weeks) and I would ruin his vacation if I had to share that with him via email. But Aaron encouraged me to go for it, and I’m glad we did.

My dad was more shocked than anyone. And I think he was also scared? Ha! I don’t think he realized he was going to be a grandpa quite so soon, and I could tell he was overwhelmed by the news because he had been focused for so long on preparing for his epic trip. But at the end of our dinner, he got a little weepy and hugged me for a long time and told me how happy he was. Awww. My daddy.

Now, the weekly photos begin!


I felt big in this photo, believe it or not. Now I look back and think I was crazy. But you know how bloating makes you feel so much bigger than you look? Yeah, pregnancy bloating is intense. I was still wearing normal clothes this week, but started looping a hair tie through the button-hole of my jeans and using that to secure the button to give my belly an extra inch or so of room.

A few days before our first ultrasound, I started feeling a lot better — less nauseous, more energetic. I actually went for a run for the first time in a solid month! It was only 2.25 miles, but it felt awesome (and I was exhausted by the end).

This boost of energy and lack of nausea made me super-worried; was I still pregnant? I got really anxious leading up to our appointment and steeled myself for the possibility of not hearing a heartbeat.

Luckily, we not only the heard the baby’s heartbeat, but we saw the little squirt for the first time. It was a real baby. And it jumped during the ultrasound. Totally crazy.


The head is to the bottom left, and baby is looking right at the camera. See the little hand sticking up? Hi, baby!

I was soooo relieved after confirming the baby was doing well and measuring right on track, but soon started feeling anxious about what we would find out at our 13-week genetic screening appointment. When will the worrying end?? Oh, this is parenthood, so never.

We rounded out this week by sharing the news with Aaron’s dad and stepmom by whipping out the ultrasound photos while we were out to lunch. They were thrilled!


I felt pretty normal during week 10 and was almost back to my regular eating habits, but still not choosing many salads or veggies. I could choke them down, though, for the sake of getting actual nutrients. 

The one craving I noted this week was Top Ramen, aka the most processed, nutritionally devoid food you can eat. Something about the mass of simple carbs and salty broth is so delicious, though! I like to crack an egg in and scramble it up near the end. Yum.

Aaron and I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary this week! We enjoyed dinner at one of Seattle’s fanciest and most iconic restaurants, Canlis. Our four-course dinner was a lovely three-hour affair as we watched the sun set over Gasworks Park and Lake Union. We were seated right by the pianist and he granted Aaron’s request to interrupt his string of romantic ballads with the Charlie Brown theme song. 🙂


Any anniversary is special, but this one felt especially so because it was our first and because we are so, so, so excited about what’s to come in the next year. It’ll also be our last anniversary as just the two of us!


Oof, not my favorite pic! I was still wearing my regular clothes, but feeling like they just looked and felt wrong on me. I went shopping for maternity clothes at the end of this week and was amazed by how stylish and comfy/stretchy/soft the options were! I bought a bunch of basics, like leggings, jeans, tanks, and sweaters, and immediately wanted to live in them. I don’t know why some women resist switching to maternity clothes; I never want to go back!

Aaron and I both told our bosses that we were expecting, and they were both very happy and supportive — yay!

I also started researching daycare options and reaching out for information about pricing and wait lists — YIKES. The best advice we’ve gotten so far was to figure out the daycare situation early, and I’m so glad we started because it turns out that some places — the less-expensive ones that are also highly rated — have epic wait lists. We are on them, thank you very much. 


Hello, belly! I think there was a lot of bloating happening when we took this photo since my belly looks smaller in next week’s photo, but it’s an accurate representation of how I look by the end of the day. I’ll wake up with a flat-ish stomach and go to bed looking pretty pregnant indeed.

This is the first photo in which I wore maternity leggings (these ones) and a hand-me-down maternity tee gifted to me by Aaron’s friend Lindsee, along with a bag of other maternity clothes — thank you, Lindsee!! She decided she was for-sure done with them after her second pregnancy turned out to be super-cute twin girls. 🙂

This week, my big accomplishment was eating Indian food — the very idea of which would have made me feel nauseous a few weeks ago. It was goooood.

I also took my first weekend nap with the Snoogle body pillow, which is amazing and now my nightly companion. I basically spoon the Snoogle and it keeps my back and hips aligned and comfortable, plus it supports my stomach. The only bummer is that the pillow I ordered didn’t come with a cover, so I got a charcoal grey jersey cover and it’s super-soft and nice. (Heads up: those are Amazon affiliate links.)

Finally, Aaron did a cyclocross race and got third place! I love spectating cyclocross because I can actually see him at several points along the course and cheer him on/take pictures. Plus, there are cool obstacles like this:


Badass. It was super fun to watch and I’m so proud of him! P.S. He is part of a new cycling team started by his buddies called the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Cycling Club, aka team Hammer + Awl. Aaron helped design the kits — black, of course.


Finally, we’ve reached the final week of the first trimester! Here I’m wearing another hand-me-down tee courtesy of Lindsee, and the grey version of these maternity leggings. I transitioned into wearing full-on maternity clothes the day we announced our pregnancy to the world, and I haven’t looked back since.

The day before we shared the news, we had our second ultrasound to check for early signs of genetic abnormalities. Whatever we found out would not have changed our pregnancy in any way, but we did want to be as prepared as possible if we discovered our baby would need special care. Plus, we just wanted to see the baby again! And man, he/she had grown quite a bit.


The baby was straight loungin’ the whole time, and the ultrasound tech had to poke and prod my belly quite a bit to get him/her to move so she could get the nuchal translucency (NT) measurement she needed at the back of the neck. That measurement, combined with whether or not the nasal bone is visible (seeing it is good), helps determine the odds for Down syndrome and a few other chromosomal abnormalities.

Later, a genetic counselor walked us through the odds based on our kiddo’s visible nasal bone and NT measurement, and explained that they were very significantly lower than the standard odds for any given pregnancy. Low odds aren’t a 100% guarantee that those abnormalities don’t exist, but we felt comfortable enough with the information we received to decline further testing.

I explain all this because I wasn’t really aware of this optional screening before being pregnant, and I was definitely more anxious about it than I needed to be. I read lots of very negative opinions online about doing the screening, but ultimately we agreed with those who were in favor of it that we’d prefer to be as informed as possible about our baby’s health in order to give him/her the best life possible.

Anyway! We finally allowed ourselves to buy our first baby item after this appointment since everything — growth, heartbeat, etc. — looked healthy and on track. We saw two arms, two legs, two halves of the brain — good stuff. My endless anxiety was finally calmed (for the most part).


We chose a gender-neutral newborn set that includes a onesie, pants, and PJs with a little hat. There are little turtles and ducks and cute footie things happening. ❤

As for new symptoms, I noticed I was using the restroom more frequently and getting full more quickly this week. I started breaking my meals up into smaller, more spread-out portions. I also hit the gym THREE times this week (crazy!) and started feeling so much better after walking on the treadmill and lifting weights.

My official weigh-in at the hospital put me at -2 pounds since my 9-week weigh-in, but my doctor said that was completely normal. I’m not restricting my food in any way (cheese! bread! all day, every day!) and have definitely gotten bigger, so I attribute the weight loss to having lost muscle due to not running or lifting weights for several weeks. I’d like to get it back so I don’t end up having to rebuild all of my fitness from scratch after pregnancy, but I’m taking it slowly — literally, by walking instead of running — and doing what feels comfortable. More on fitness in another post!

I’ll end this epic one with a before-and-after shot: 5 weeks pregnant on the left, 14 weeks on the right.


Yay for the second trimester! I’ve heard this is the easiest one, so… please let that be true. 🙂