This morning I got out early for my easy three-mile recovery run:

This run was all foggy-like. I loved it. The air smelled super-fresh and I felt like I was in a dream. The fog condensed in sweet little droplets on my eyelashes.

Today Aaron and I spent lots of time with both sides of his family. We got to celebrate the birthday of the oldest member of his family (Grandpa O, age 87) and receive a finger painting from the youngest (Ben, age 1).

From 1 to 87 and everywhere in between, I couldn’t ask for better people to add to the illustrious list of those whom I call family. I am a lucky gal.

On this Sunday night, when I would normally steel myself for a week of dedicated training, I instead take a deep breath and prepare for what will undoubtedly be a tough week.

My mom will have surgery on Tuesday in the first big step of her treatment. I’ll be hanging out with her at her house on Thursday and Friday as she recovers, which means I won’t see Aaron on Valentine’s Day. Some things are just so much more important than a date on a calendar.

There is love in the form of red roses and cellophane-wrapped boxes of chocolates, and then there is L.O.V.E. — that all-consuming, heart-bursting feeling you have when you’d give anything to make sure that another person is happy and healthy and safe.

I think my mom felt that for me many months before I was born, and I’ll feel that for her up until, and through, my last breath.

I hope y’all feel a little bit of that this Valentine’s Day. 

10.5 long run

True life: I haven’t done a double-digit run since the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon in December 2011!

Until today, yo.

I branched out from my usual loop around Green Lake and did a… slightly bigger loop around Green Lake.


I liked the change of scenery — it was particularly fun to run around my alma mater, the University of Washington — but I didn’t like having to cross so many streets, watch for cars, wait at stoplights, etc.

Green Lake has made me soft. I’ll just have to get used to it again; my runs just get longer and longer when marathon training starts, and I’m definitely not going to run in 2.8-mile circles for 20 miles.

I ran 10.5 miles today rather than 10, since I cut a half-mile from Monday’s run to make sure I got home in time for the TV crack that is The Bachelor.


I sipped Nuun throughout the run and ate a chocolate Clif Shot at mile 5.5. I felt great except during mile 8, when I shuffle-ran up Ravenna — a big bitch of a hill.


Sometimes my stomach feels off after long runs, but today I had nooooo trouble plowing through a banana, my leftovers from dinner last night, and a bunch of chips and salsa. Yum yum yum.

Let’s talk about dinner last night. Aaron and I went to Local 360, a lovely restaurant in Belltown that sources most of its ingredients within 360 miles of Seattle. Aaron’s mom gave us a gift card (thank you, Greta!!), so we went a little cray last night (most of the damage was documented on Instagram).

The highlight for me was my entree: beef shortrib with roasted potatoes and yellow and purple carrots, all smothered in béarnaise sauce.


The shortrib was a little too rare for my liking (I was kind of scared), but all the flavors were awesome. I saved half of it and microwaved the crap out of it post-run and it was amaaaaaazing.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve replenished all the calories I burned, and it was a joy and a pleasure.


Rest days are usually boring, meaning I have nothing to post about, but today I have lots to share!

1. I officially registered for the Lake Sammamish Half-Marathon on March 9. It’s a “flat and fast” course that is “perfect for a personal best,” so I’ll aim for sub-1:59!

Fun fact: The race directors are a married couple named Roger and Yumay, and they also organize a bunch of mountain bike races that Aaron competes in! I hung out with Yumay and helped out with finish-line stuff a few times last summer while Aaron was racing. It’ll be fun to be the one competing at one of their races instead of spectating.

2. I joined a local running group. I was Googling for a discount code for the race and stumbled upon a Green Lake running group. The members meet up on Saturday mornings for long runs of various distances, plus track workouts, casual runs, and more throughout the week. A bunch of them are currently training for the Lake Sammamish Half!

I signed up and RSVP’d to tomorrow’s long run (and also used their discount code for the race… heh). It looks like a few other people have 8 miles to do (I have 8.5, but I have some distance to run to the meeting point), so I’ll check it out and see if I can make some new running buddies!

3. There is a TRACK right next to Green Lake. OMFG. Mind = blown.


According to Seattle Parks & Recreation, it’s a verified 400 m synthetic track. Ummm…. what have I been doing with my life?? Running around the goddamn lake for speed workouts, that’s what!

4. I got new Under Armour running tights! Thank you, Aaron, for another belated Christmas gift! : )


(Apparently my mirror is really dirty…) I got my current running tights in Dec. 2010 and they’ve been worn and washed to the point of ill-fitting saggy-ness. Not cute.

I ordered these Under Armour tights off the Interwebs without trying them on in a store first, and the medium fits perfectly! (I am 5’6" and 144 lbs, for reference.) They are sooo soft and comfortable; I can see myself just wearing these around the house! Can’t wait to test them out tomorrow.

5. Is that it? I think that’s it. Now, I kick back with a beer and get my weekend on!