It’s Goin’ Down

So much to catch up on. Let just start with my run this morning and then work backwards, because that makes so much sense.


I’ve been having trouble slowing down, so today I was determined to take it easy and maintain about an 8:45 pace. Wheeee, look what I can do when I put my mind to it!

12 miles tomorrow — my first double-digit run of Eugene Marathon training. I was supposed to run 11 last Sunday, but I wound up leaving too late and had to cut the run short at nine miles in order to make it to Easter brunch with my dad in time.


The Easter bunny waits for no one. NO ONE.

A few days prior to Easter, Aaron had another surgery done on his shoulder. He separated his shoulder in the summer of 2012 and had surgery to repair it, but after he recovered from that, his collarbone sprouted a cauliflower-like bone growth (so gross) that has been bothering him for a while. This surgery was just a quick one to shave off the cauliflower.


Deja vu. Same surgery prep room as two years ago. Same nurses. Same surgeon.

Luckily, Aaron’s recovery has NOT been the same in that it has been so much faster! He was off all pain meds three days after surgery, and out of his sling on day four. Yay!

He’s had alllllll the time in the world to recover, though, since he quit his job the day before surgery, and doesn’t start his new (awesome, baller, so-proud-of-him) job until May 5.

This job change has been a loooong time coming. The company he just left is the same company I left in 2011 right before my big trip, and let’s just say it is a… challenging… place to work. I don’t know how he endured four+ years there. It’s time for a fresh start at a great company where many people would kill to work!

So, there’s the first piece of big news in our world. Second one coming next week. It’s goin’ down starting tomorrow!!!

What Up, Gangstas?

It’s been a while since I threw down some splits and a sweaty selfie, so…



YOU GUYS. I’m two-and-a-half weeks into Eugene Marathon training, and it’s been kind of blah so far. Not bad, but not great. Sometimes a pace that should be easy leaves me breathing a little too hard.

But tonight I had one of those magical runs where my legs were coursing with energy and running was easy and I was a gazelle, a mothereffing gazelle! This is the fastest I’ve ever run, outside of a few of my Hood to Coast legs, and the best part is that it didn’t even feel like that hard of an effort.

(This is a very rare occurrence, so shhh, I know it’s obnoxious, but let me enjoy it.)

Sometimes you just need a run like this to reinvigorate that love for the sport after it’s been buried under too many crappy runs. I just want to remember this feeling and use it as momentum for the next, uhhhh, 15.5 weeks of training.


Things are changing big-time around here. It’s been a bit stressful for a few months, but it’s all about to pay off. May will be ah-mazing. Can’t wait to share!!

I’ll try to jump on here more and post about life and training. Since this is marathon #4 and I’m not feeling super ambitious to run a PR — I’m a little distracted by the wedding and keep forgetting about the race, to be honest — I’m not feeling eager to blog every last detail. But maybe when I get into my longer runs, I’ll get the urge to brag report about them.

OK, brag. Let’s be real.