Morning run

I got my speed intervals in before work today!

Well, I’m taking the morning off because I have a doctor’s appointment, and I took advantage of the extra pre-appointment time to run in the daylight. BY MYSELF.

This is my post-run look of independence and rain-soaked-ness.

I haven’t done real speed intervals for, uhhh, the entire month of February, so these 800s felt difficult and a smidge slow today:


But not bad! Just motivation to get back into doing them more.

My appointment this morning is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while… and that feels long overdue, and kind of scary: I’m getting a full-body skin check for any abnormal moles, etc.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the sun, particularly while traveling and running, and only became super-vigilant with sunscreen in the past few years. I’m also kind of a mole-y person in general (just look at my face, yo), so it’ll be nice to find out what’s normal and what’s not from a professional.

Hopefully I’ll have good news to share afterward. And, if not good, then hopefully not terrible.

The bodyguard

What? You don’t have a man in black following you on your nighttime runs?

That’s a shame. I would let you borrow mine, but I’ve got him pretty booked up until Daylight Saving Time kicks in.

Aaron accompanied me by bicycle on my five-mile run on Monday and my three-mile run tonight, since “not getting murdered” is pretty high-pri right now, along with “trying to PR in my upcoming half-marathon.”

It’s quite a selfless demonstration of love by Aaron. I run just a little faster than 6 mph, and he’s used to smashing at around 19 mph, so he is just freezing and probably bored on his bike during our little outings.

He never complains, though. I already agreed to marry the guy, so I think he’s now just banking gold stars for the long haul. Wise.

Monday: 5 miles at half-marathon goal pace.

I don’t know what happened in the last mile. Didn’t feel like I ran that slowly, but there it is. I probably ran too fast throughout the whole run and was just tired by the end.

Tonight: 3 miles, easy.

Legs = super-tired by the end of this. I usually do this easy run on Thursdays, but Aaron and I have plans tomorrow night, so I moved my Wednesday run to Thursday, and whatever. You know. I’m trying to get alllllll the miles in this week.

I also picked up a set of weights tonight for the first time in weeks. The 15 pounders did me in after three rounds of bicep curls, hammer curls, military presses, chest presses, and bent-over rows. It felt good!

Now I have the tireds. 9:45 bedtime? Mmmm, OK!

This week

Well, hello. I disappeared for a few days this week, right after I proclaimed that I’d be sticking to my training plan all hardcore-like up until the half-marathon on March 9.

My mom developed a complication while recovering from her surgery (not super-serious, but uncomfortable and a nuisance), so I spent Wednesday through Friday taking her to the hospital each day and bouncing from doctor to doctor to work on making things right.

I will never hesitate for a second to help my mom out with anything, but man, it is mentally exhausting to spend so much time at the hospital, and I’m not even the patient.

It’s tough to keep appointments and information straight, juggle endless paperwork, take notes on medical mumbo-jumbo, and, most of all, see how tough and draining it is for my mom.

This is not me complaining. These are just statements. I will never, ever, ever complain about helping my mom!

Anyway, by the time we got home each day, it was just easier to relax in comfy clothes and be on my work laptop until long after dark trying to catch up on work stuff.

(By the way, I am extremely grateful to my employer because I’m able to work remotely and my bosses are very understanding and allow me to take whatever time I need to help my mom. Huge blessing, right thurr.)

I did do a 5-mile tempo run on the treadmill early Thursday morning (yay!), but I missed an easy 3-mile run and two strength-training sessions. I’m a bit disappointed, but in the scheme of things, those missed workouts are so incredibly small and irrelevant.

What IS relevant: Aside from the minor-ish complication in my mom’s recovery, there was nothing but GREAT NEWS for her from her doctors! My hope is that in six months, this will all just be a memory.

On to today’s long run: 12 miles, baby.

I should not do my long runs this fast. I know this.

I did a 6-mile out-and-back on the East Lake Sammamish Trail again (aka the route of my upcoming half-marathon), and discovered that my right hip does not enjoy running on gravel for so long. That’s nice.

There was a delightful headwind for the last 6 miles and I got really tired during mile 10 (the slowest, as you can see), but it was a great exercise in pushing through physical exhaustion and mental fatigue.

Oh, you want to stop running, legs? I don’t care. WERK.

I took a chocolate Clif Shot at miles 5 and 9.5, and boy, did I need them. They were sent straight from heaven, I tell ya.

Aaaaanyway. Who’s excited for the Oscars on Sunday? And The Bachelor on Monday?? Me me me!


Got this email this morning….

Anyone recognize the girl in the pic on the far right?  #2333? 🙂 

Flashback Friday: That time I ran the Bellevue 10K last year and then wound up on the ad for this year!

Thanks to Becky & Aaron for calling my attention to it. I totally got and looked at this email this morning without even noticing!

Once to run, twice for good luck

Found this on the Chicago Marathon Facebook page:

Nothing like a good meme to lighten the mood!

I refreshed the Chicago Marathon registration page a zillion times this morning and couldn’t get further than the first page of before it crashed.

Meanwhile, Aaron went in like a ninja and was able to register for both his mom and me. Whaaaaaaat! Oh well, at least I’m registered.


Once to run the damn thing, and twice for good luck, I guess.

If you accidentally registered and got charged more than once (like Aaron), email and they’ll fix you up.

I’ll see y’all in Chicaaaaaaaaagoooooooo!

The end and the beginning

My half-marathon training plan is officially over and marathon training has officially begun!

(Except I’m still training for a half-marathon that’s a little less than three weeks away, soooo things are a little different than if I were just starting to train for a full.)

The last three weeks of my training were haphazard. I haven’t picked up a dumbbell or hopped on my bike trainer since I got the news about my mom’s health, and I’ve skipped a few runs, too.

Enough of that. It’s time to get back on track, be strong, and focus on my goal.

Today’s run: 5 miles at half-marathon goal pace (aiming for 9:00-9:05).


This was difficult! I ran on the outer path of Green Lake so I could get more used to the feeling of running on dirt/gravel, aka the same surface that makes up most of the half-marathon course.

I had to push my legs to keep a consistent pace on unsteady ground. Oh, sweet, sweet pavement, how I miss you.

Check out this official photo from Aaron’s mountain bike race yesterday:



Have I mentioned how very fulfilling it is to cheer on my best friend and lovah as he competes in a sport he loves, knowing that in a few weeks he’ll also do the same for me?

Well, ‘tis. ‘Tis indeed.


The term “sandbagging” is used when someone races in a category well below their actual skill level in order to gain an unfair advantage and win.

Aaron has heard that term twice from people today — people who don’t realize he has only been mountain biking for a year, and that this was his first competitive race after undergoing major shoulder surgery last summer.

I guess when you finish second place overall, first in your age group, and six minutes in front of the guy behind you, you look like you should be racing Expert — the highest level — not Sport, the level that comes after Beginner.

But maybe that just means he worked a lot harder than the guys who crossed the line behind him.

Maybe it means he woke up earlier on more dark mornings through the winter, came home with a mud-splattered face more often, and pushed himself further.

Maybe it means he didn’t like the taste of his fifth place finish in this race last year (which was his first MTB race ever), and was sick of getting second in every other race, and wouldn’t settle for less than first this year.

Maybe it means the naysayers should shut their mouths and pedal harder if they want a chance against him.

There will always be people who try to tear others down when they succeed in a big way. Those people can suck it.

I could not be more proud of Aaron.

He went to the first race of the season to win, and then he did.

And it’s only just the beginning.

11 on the course

Heyyyy-o, here’s what the course of my upcoming half-marathon looks like:

The East Lake Sammamish Trail is packed dirt/gravel, flat as a pancake, and flanked by multimillion-dollar lakefront homes. If I get bored during the race, I can just count the Range Rovers in the driveways.

I did my 11-mile run on this trail today to get a feel for it, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The first 8.5 miles of the race are going to be on this trail, and the last 4.51 are going to be on pavement. Today I discovered that I can flyyyyyyy on pavement after running on gravel!

The last two miles of this run were on pavement. Yessir.

My goal pace for the race will be in the 9:00-9:05 range. I’m getting nervous about my chances of actually achieving a PR (sub-1:59:46). We’ll see!!!

And speaking of nervousness… Aaron has his first mountain bike race of the season tomorrow! His goal is to WIN. He got second-place overall for the whole race series last year, so I think his chances are good. He has been working harrrrrrd this year!

And speaking of hard work… man, it was tough to eat all the food we ate last night at our belated Valentine’s Day dinner. 🙂

We started with a side of the BEST mac ‘n’ cheese I’ve EVER had. And that’s saying a lot.

Aaron had delectable beef shortribs over egg noodles.

I had filet mignon topped with crab, asparagus, and bearnaise sauce (WHAAAAAT???).

And we shared this stupid-huge ice cream sundae, which contained hot molten chocolate cake, caramel, vanilla ice cream, and homemade whipped cream. WHAT WERE WE THINKING.

Get yourself to Morton’s right quick if you want to go cray on some amazing food… and then run fast the next day.