So either I’m only cool because I hang out with Ben, or Ben is only cool because he hangs out with me. Hmmm.

I’d say we’re each cool in our own right… OR, more likely, we’re both extremely weird people who only seem cool through Tumblr. Yup, I’m gonna go with that one.

As for “what it’s like to hang out with an Internet celebrity,” I’m gonna say Ben is a regular guy who just happens to have a crazy amount of people following his day-to-day activities. It’s not at all different from hanging out with anyone else.

Except for the fact that he happens to remember the moves to the N*SYNC “Bye, Bye, Bye” video and will bust them out in public. That’s, um, different.

To my Mommio: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You’re the best mom a girl could ask for, and I’m lucky to have been raised by such a smart, funny, independent and classy woman.

You’ve taught me to live consciously, to be wise with my money, to be respectful of my health, to love reading and learning. You gave me a place to live when I wanted to fly away from the nest, but didn’t know quite where or how to land. When I was ready, you supported me in finding my own way. I can never thank you enough for everything.

To readers who may not know how awesome my mom is: She’s run three 5Ks and either runs or does strength training five days a week. She’s doing Warrior Dash in July. She kicks butt.

I’m so proud to have her as my mom.

The double date

Oh hey! It’s Ben and Brooke.

We hit up Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle for burgers and milkshakes. Ben’s about to run a marathon, so he needs the calories. Brooke, Aaron and I… well, we have no excuse. Yummm!

Fact: Ben is really terrible at Catch Phrase (and don’t let him tell you otherwise). The girls totally dominated tonight.

He is good at chugging Coke. Brooke and I are really good at drinking wine. Aaron excels at eating Powerberries from Trader Joe’s.

And we’re all pretty good at making weird faces on the couch.

It was fun, guys! Come back when you’re ready for more burgers, awkward dancing, rapping, wine and Catch Phrase… if you can handle it.