Hey Everyone,

I need your help! I entered a contest with Enve Wheels to win a trip to the Mercedes Wind Tunnel in the UK for a professional bike fitting. The person who gets the most likes on Enve’s facebook page wins. All you have to do is go to Enve Cycling’s Facebook page and LIKE my post. Easy as that!


Thanks everyone in advance. It is only up for 24 hours so LIKE fast!


Please vote for Aaron’s story! He came back from a devastating motorcycle accident to complete his first triathlon. Click through above to read the details and LIKE his entry on Facebook — thank you!!

One of the highlights of our trip to Kauai was attending + photographing the wedding of Rex and Michelle. It was gorgeous, intimate and so bursting with love.

Aaron was the main photographer, and I helped out by taking “getting ready” shots of Rex and his groomsmen while Aaron captured the beautiful bride every step of the way. We both snapped away like crazy during the ceremony, and Aaron covered the official bridal party portraits and reception.

I can’t wait to see his spectacular photos. Here are just two of the 700+ I took.

Congrats, Rex and Michelle, and thanks for allowing us to take part in your big day.

I’ve really sucked lately at posting on my other blog, but here’s what’s new on Answering Oliver:

A Long-Overdue Update on Life

A few things:

When was the last time you told yourself you weren’t good enough? Rethink that.

Our instinct is to shield ourselves from rejection, embarrassment and pain, but that also stifles our ability to fully experience joy. Open up, and hold on to your happiness.

Photo © Armosa Studios.


Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis came to Seattle today. They were down at Pike Place serving coffee to promote their new movie Campaign.

I barged my way near the front and snapped this photo. Hilarious, and he is just walking.

I was there, too! I only caught a glimpse of him for a second. What a madhouse.

Aaron can barely contain his excitement over seeing Will Ferrell and The Dark Knight Rises all in the SAME DAY.