Workout swap

I totally wimped out on my run tonight because:

a) It’s raining like cray.
b) Aaron is on a plane to Maui right now and I’m all sad-like that he’ll be gone for the next five days. Lonely times ahead.

I swapped my easy three-mile run for the 50 minutes of cross-training I had planned for Sunday, and still lifted weights, too. I’ll run three on Sunday in the glorious dayyyytiiiime. (Why don’t I make this swap more often??)


  • Time: 50:30
  • Distance: 13.06 mi
  • Average speed: 15.5 mph
  • Television: E! News

Weights — two sets:

  • 8x bicep curls @ 15#
  • 8x hammer curls @ 15#
  • 8x shoulder press @ 15#
  • 8x upright row @ 15#
  • 8x bent-over row @ 20#
  • Television: American Idol

The 15# weights are starting to feel too light. Next time I’ll try 20#.

Not much else to report, other than that I pored through a big bridal magazine during my flight home last weekend and got even more excited to try on wedding dresses for the first time (whenever that may be). I’ve been creeping all over this lovely bridal website; which dress would you choose?

I absolutely looove one of the dresses that shows up on the first page. Can you guess which one??

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