Let’s Catch Up!

I’m sorry that I disappeared for the last, oh, month and a half! There was really no reason behind it, other than that I felt like I had nothing interesting to write about, so I didn’t write. But I’ve missed posting, and since 2014 is just a few days away, it’s time to get caught up in time for the new year!

Let’s see… what have I been up to since I last posted on November 17?

– I finished watching every single episode of Breaking Bad. I believe I started from the beginning in October, so… that’s another explanation for the blog absence.

– Aaron grew a fairly disturbing mustache for Movember. I’m really glad that’s over.


– I continued hitting the gym Tues/Weds/Thurs and running five days a week, include speedwork on Wednesdays and a long run on Sundays. I consistently attended BODYPUMP (video example) every Tuesday and Thursday, and I’m completely addicted to it.


This is the only gym selfie you’ll ever see from me. It’s too awkward to take pics there. I only took this one because no one was around and my face was so red from speed intervals on the treadmill!

– I haven’t exercised at all for two weeks because I’ve been horribly sick — like, one of the top five worst illnesses of my life — and am just now feeling well enough to get back at it! It has been nice to take a break to relax during the holidays, though.

– An upside of being sick was that I had no appetite for a week and a half, so I didn’t gain any weight over the holidays. I literally just ate when I knew I was supposed to (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in order to survive. It was strange, since I NEVER have a lack of appetite! It’s really nice to feel hungry and normal once again.

– I’m still on the hunt for a wedding dress. I have been to NINE bridal shops and probably tried on 100 dresses. It’s not that I haven’t found beautiful dresses; I’ve found plenty that look great and that I could get married in. But I’m holding out for something that magically combines all the elements I’m looking for. I’m waiting for a few new dresses to arrive at shop #10, and then if I don’t find something amazing there, I’ll buy a dress that I found at the very first shop. Call me picky. Call me crazy. But if I’m going to spend $1,000+ on a dress that I’ll only wear for one day, I’m gonna LOVE IT, dammit! (I plan to resell it afterward, by the way!)

– Aaron got me a Garmin 220 for Christmas! I haven’t used it yet, since I’ve been sick, but I plan to take it for a spin on NYE.


It was such a surprise! I didn’t even know the 220 existed until a few weeks ago, when I saw it on my friend Sarah’s Instagram. Aaron has LONG made fun of me for my bulky Garmin 305, and he said as soon as a Garmin with live GPS tracking came out, I should get it. Little did I know, he had pre-ordered the 220 a few months ago and had it wrapped up under the tree for me by the beginning of December! Sneaky, sneaky.

And when I opened it on Christmas Eve, I LOVED it but told him it was “too much.”

And then came Christmas Day.

We went over to Aaron’s mom and stepdad’s house for brunch and to open gifts. After everyone was done opening (so many generous gifts — thank you, MIL & FIL!!), there was one gift left that Aaron said was for me.

“The Garmin wasn’t your real gift,” he said. Ummm, WHAT?

(If he hadn’t already proposed last year, I would’ve thought he was proposing!)


Inside the box was a note that said: “Go upstairs.”

So up the stairs we went! I found another gift-wrapped box and unwrapped it. Inside, another note: “Go to the basement.”

To the basement! Another wrapped box containing another note: “Go to the Christmas tree.”


Back on the main floor, a HUGE wrapped box had magically appeared by the tree. I tore off the wrapping paper and opened the box to find… another smaller wrapped box.

And inside that, another smaller wrapped box.

Then another. Then another. AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.


“Seriously, another one??”

Finally, when I got to a teeny-tiny box, I opened it to find…


“Go to the garage.”

Can you guess what the gift was?


Oh, snap.


“Are you crazy?? You got me a CAR?”


Aaron spent eight months tracking down a safe, sensible, low-mileage car for us, and found this 1999 Toyota with only 61,500 miles on it just in time for Christmas. It’s practically brand-new and he got a screaming deal from the previous owner (the only person who ever owned it).

He is the best. I’m a lucky girl!

I was so shocked because (a) I had no clue he was even looking for a car, and (b) I don’t really need a car right now, but I will once we move out of the city (hopefully this spring!) because I’m hopeless at driving Aaron’s manual-transmission Subaru and there just ain’t bus service/walkability in the suburbs like there is in Seattle. Plus, when we have a kid in a few years, it’ll be nice to be able to drive places.

Kids need to go places, right?

Anyway! That’s definitely the most exciting thing that has happened since I last posted, and I think that about brings us up to speed.

I plan to post regularly again as I jump back into my regular workout routine and start 2014 off with good food and exercise habits!

In the meantime, if you’re ever concerned by my lack of blogging (thank you to those who messaged me!), check my Twitter or Instagram; you’ll likely find signs of life there.