Got it. 29:13. I can’t believe it!

There were so many times that I stopped to walk for 20-30 seconds and thought, “There’s no way I’m breaking 30.” I wasn’t feeling this run until just after the two-mile mark, when I realized that I could power through the rest and be OK.

It rained. There was one huge hill. I had a bad start because I waited for the masses to clear out of the corral — I had gotten stuck in a huge, slow-moving crowd for the first few minutes of the Dawg Dash — but I waited a little too long and ended up having to dodge all the walkers, strollers and dogs near the end of the pack.

Somehow I did it, though! The music was key, since it helped me figure out where I was time-wise. And can I just say that Uprising (Muse) was perfect as the second-to-last song… “We will be victorious…”

Mom and Don also ran, each setting personal records (35:22 and 27:46, respectively). My friend Aaron KILLED IT for his first race ever… 23:32. So jealous! His mom ran and knocked out a 34:39.

Pictures to come when I can figure out how to get them under 5MB for Tumblr. Geez, Tumblr. So picky.

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