Got it. 29:13. I can’t believe it!

There were so many times that I stopped to walk for 20-30 seconds and thought, “There’s no way I’m breaking 30.” I wasn’t feeling this run until just after the two-mile mark, when I realized that I could power through the rest and be OK.

It rained. There was one huge hill. I had a bad start because I waited for the masses to clear out of the corral — I had gotten stuck in a huge, slow-moving crowd for the first few minutes of the Dawg Dash — but I waited a little too long and ended up having to dodge all the walkers, strollers and dogs near the end of the pack.

Somehow I did it, though! The music was key, since it helped me figure out where I was time-wise. And can I just say that Uprising (Muse) was perfect as the second-to-last song… “We will be victorious…”

Mom and Don also ran, each setting personal records (35:22 and 27:46, respectively). My friend Aaron KILLED IT for his first race ever… 23:32. So jealous! His mom ran and knocked out a 34:39.

Pictures to come when I can figure out how to get them under 5MB for Tumblr. Geez, Tumblr. So picky.

Exhaustion… and the next 5K

I just napped from 4:15 to about 7:45. Interesting choice for a Sunday, but so necessary.

This is called “getting your game face on.” Pretty sure Jake Locker does this before every Husky game.

I may be doing another 5K next weekend: Neighborhood Health’s Pumpkin Push at Seward Park. Mom and Don were going to do the Running Scared 5K at Seward Park on Halloween morning (Sunday), which I had to bow out of due to the fact that I will be vigorously celebrating Halloween Saturday night, but the Pumpkin Push is Saturday morning, so there’s really no excuse.

Plus, this one benefits Neighborhood Health, which provides health care to uninsured, homeless, immigrant and low-income people in Seattle. It would kind of be a jerk move not to participate.

Also, my friend Aaron is running in it. Also, I could probably break 30 min. Also, I could get another cool t-shirt.

OK, I’m doing it.