Pumpkin Push playlist!

The Pumpkin Push 5K is tomorrow morning!

I made this playlist exactly 30 minutes long. Big time.

1. Welcome to the World — Kevin Rudolph
2. Club Can’t Handle Me — Flo Rida feat. David Guetta
3. E-Pro — Beck
4. Starlight — Muse
5. Like a G6 — Far East Movement
6. 1901 — Phoenix
7. Uprising — Muse
8. Waiting for the End — Linkin Park

The first two are the same as my Dawg Dash playlist simply because they’re so freakin’ good for getting me pumped up and feeling great.

Like a G6 helps me feel like I’m the shit when I hit that part of the 3.1 when I just feel like shit.

Note the subtle difference between shit and the shit.

Muse makes a double appearance. Go Muse.

And Linkin Park returns to cap off the race. It should do for me what the ringing bell did for Pavlov’s dogs, except instead of salivating, I’ll start running really, really fast.

29:59. Let’s go.

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