From Sun to Snow

That time you thought you avoided chafing on your long run, and then realized otherwise when you got in the shower:


That is my favorite gif, forever and always. ❤

It was 57 degrees today, IN JANUARY, so I wore shorts and a tank top on my 12-mile run. Ludicrous! (I totally thought that spelling was wrong for a sec because I’m used to seeing “Ludacris.”)

I used my favorite anti-chafe ointment, Bag Balm, yet still suffered a bit of inner-thigh chafing. Ugh. Get excited for summer!

The run itself wasn’t super great, but I got through it.


The best thing ever is when I’ve finished my long run and have nothing to do the rest of the day except lounge and replenish the calories I burned. Basically, I run to eat and be lazy.

Let’s back up a little to last week and weekend! I made a very brief trip to San Diego on Thursday for my company’s annual meeting. Every time I go to San Diego, I wonder why I don’t just live there. It’s 73 degrees and sunny in January??


This is terribly rude of San Diego, and shouldn’t be allowed.

I snuck out of the hotel before sunrise on Friday morning for a three-mile run along Harbor Island Drive, pictured above. I wish I’d brought my phone to take a few photos because the city was lit up beautifully, and the water looked so peaceful. I even saw a falling star! Aww.

I flew back to Seattle Friday night to get home in time for a long weekend away with Aaron, three of my best friends and their significant others. I went from sunny San Diego to snowy Leavenworth!


Beautiful in a very different way.

We had tons of fun gallavanting around the Bavarian-themed town and enjoying the novelty of snow, since we don’t get much in Seattle.


The long MLK weekend happened to coincide with the Icicle Festival, which included activities like creating snow sculptures. The boys posed with these snow minions from Despicable Me!


The girls just posed.


And we all got this pic with the official ice sculpture of the festival to remember the trip.


Look how long Aaron’s beard is! This is almost four months of growth. He’s been growing it out since a few days before the wedding, and he’s trying to go for a year.

We rented an adorable house right in the heart of Leavenworth and were able to walk everywhere once we arrived. This was wonderful because there was some, eh-hem, drinking involved, particularly during and after the greatest football game of ALL TIME.


If you missed the NFC Championship Seahawks vs. Packers game — or even if you did see it — you MUST watch this Inside the NFL video about the incredible comeback the Seahawks pulled off. It shows the game highlights from the perspective of being on the field, and includes audio of the players talking to each other during the game. It’s so interesting to hear the combo of trash talking and never-give-up encouragement.

You may even cry at the end. Or maybe that was just me.

ANYWAY, that was so incredible to watch and celebrate with our friends! What a fun weekend.

The only other notable thing to report since last weekend is that I changed my blog design!

I’d used the same Tumblr theme since I very first started this blog, and I’ve been getting sick of it for a while. I just chose a simple, free Tumblr theme and customized it with a header I made with my extremely limited Photoshop skills. Do ya like it?

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