Makeovers and Long Running

Oh heyyyyyyy. It’s Tuesday. But let’s talk about the weekend, yes?

I spent the first half of Saturday with my mommio at the mall. We got makeovers at Clinique! So fun.


My mom hasn’t worn makeup in about two years, with the exception of our wedding, because chemo made her skin really sensitive. Now that she’s long done with treatment, she’s ready to wear makeup again, but since her hair grew back a different color, she needed new stuff to complement her new hair!

Our makeup lady did a wonderful job and made us feel like pretty, pretty princesses. Look how gorgeous my mom looks!!! It makes my heart swell about five sizes to see her looking so healthy and happy. ❤

Saturday evening was all about watching the Seahawks and their amazing WIN over the Panthers!



Is Green Bay even ready for this kind of crazy?

On Sunday morning, Aaron and I visited his former co-worker, who gave birth to the most adorable twin girls in December.

I have no photos from this event, but just imagine 90 minutes of holding one perfect, fuzzy-headed infant, then trading that infant for the other perfect, fuzzy-headed infant that your husband was holding, then trying to get them to open their little eyes to say hi, then freaking out when they actually did open their eyes and start to cry. Ahhh, the joy of hanging out with other people’s babies, then leaving when they get fussy. 🙂

Pretty much the last thing I wanted to do after snuggling with warm, fuzzy babies all morning was do my long run out in the cold. After much procrastination and debating the limits of winter daylight, I sucked it up and did it.

11 miles, 1:46:49, 9:43 pace




Once again, I took three walk breaks of about 45 seconds each on the big hill in mile three, but I completed that mile nine seconds faster than I completed it during my last long run (10:56 –> 10:47). So that’s something!

I like running that hill early in my long runs so I can do the rest of the run on sort-of tired legs. Bring the pain, marathon training. Bring. The. Pain.

On Monday, I just lifted weights.

This morning, I ran three miles in about 28 minutes on the treadmill while listening to the first half of the latest episode of This American Life. It talked about how people’s expectations subtly impact others’ physical abilities, particularly in regard to blindness. I’m dying to listen to the other half on my run tomorrow!

Can other people’s expectations of you alter what you can do physically? Alix Spiegel and Lulu Miller of NPR’s new radio show and podcast Invisibilia investigate that question – specifically, they look into something that sounds impossible: if people’s expectations can change whether a blind man can see.

It’s making me think about how powerful it really is to have people who believe in you, and to believe in yourself.

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