It was cold and rainy today, so I wimped out and did my long run on the treadmill.

It always sucks to have to exceed to 60-minute limit on the ‘mill, but I got through it with approximately 1.5 listens of Taylor Swift’s 1989 (ob-sessed). “Are we out of the woods yet??”

There was much sweat.

I also wore my new Jawbone UP24 fitness tracker for the first time, starting last night so I could track my sleep. I didn’t quite hit 8 hours, but made up for that with a delicious couch nap after running/showering/eating.

Naps are the best. You know how people tell pregnant women to stock up on sleep while they can before the baby comes? I’m not even pregnant, but I take this advice very, very seriously.

Work hard, nap hard. The best part of marathon training, after all the eating.

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