Waaaaaaaah (Sick)

After a successful first week of Big Sur Marathon training, I. AM. SICK.

Sometimes I’ll get a little sniffly but can fight it off by eating well and getting lots of sleep, but there was no fending it off this time. I’m certainly not bedridden, but there’s plenty of sneezing, nose-blowing, and mouth-breathing happening.

Armed with Mucinex and ZzzQuil, I hope to make a miraculous recovery before New Year’s Eve. Cross your fingers.

On Sunday, before my descent into complete sickness, I hit the gym and did 20 minutes of easy spinning on the stationary bike for my cross training. (I know 20 minutes isn’t very long, but it’s better than nothing?)

Then, Aaron and I went to my mom’s house to watch the Seahawks WINNNN over the Rams.


Why tackle when you can karate chop?

My mom and I then ventured to the Bellevue Botanical Garden to check out the Garden d’Lights. So festive!


Shockingly, our gentlemen elected to forego the d’Lights, and stayed home to watch more football. They missed out.

By the way — as I segue from that Instagram photo — I’ve updated all of my social media stuff to my married name, so you can now find me on Twitter @devonapass and on Instagram @devonpass.

If you’d like to follow my old Twitter handle, you’ll find delightful (?) commentary from this Russian (?) disc jockey.


I mainly just tweet my Instagrams because I’m lazy and confused. When I do compose original tweets, there’s a 98% chance they’ll be about Taylor Swift or Serial.

Speaking of that, WHAT THE F$@# JAY!!!

Maybe the truth of what really happened that winter day in 1999 will come to me tonight in my half-asleep ZzzQuil haze. HERE’S HOPING.

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