Did you have a good Christmas? We sure did!

We visit four houses for every holiday, so our Christmas started a few weekends ago at Aaron’s dad’s house, then continued on Christmas Eve at my dad’s house, and then capped it all off with Christmas brunch at Aaron’s mom’s house and dinner at my mom’s house. Whew! I’m terrible at taking photos apparently, so I just stole a few pics from my dad and Aaron’s mom on Facebook.

To sum it all up, we ate A LOT, enjoyed family time, and received everything we asked for and more in gifts. I got several fitness-related gifts, including:

– My fave Lululemon running shorts in POLKA DOTS, pictured above
– An armband to hold my iPhone 6, since it won’t fit into my fuel belt
– A Road Runner Sports gift card (I’m eyeing new socks and new shoe inserts)
– A Jawbone fitness tracker, which I’m so excited to use but need to exchange for a different size first

Woo-hoo! I’m all set for marathon training, and just focusing more on fitness in general!

I took a rest day on Christmas, but hit the treadmill today to get my three miles in. My first long run (8 miles) is tomorrow, so that’s exciting! More hill-hunting for me.

Last photo = more cloud-catching mountains. I’ll never get sick of them.

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