Long Running

Dear Tumblr,

Please don’t confuse my lack of blogging with lack of running. I’m running the Lake Sammamish Half in two weeks and have been kind of nailing my training for the past few (post-vacation) weeks.

I run five days a week, and lately four of those days have been at the gym. But I always do my long run outside, rain or shine or SNOW.


We got a good three inches of snow two weekends ago, and Aaron joined me for a 10-mile jaunt at Green Lake. So fun!


Last weekend, I did my long run on the Lake Sammamish Trail so I could get used to running on the gravel prior to the race. (You may remember this race as the one I PR’d at last year!) I was also trying to beat a big rainstorm, so I ran pretty fast (for me).


Not gonna lie… felt like a bit of gangsta after this run.

My 11-mile run today rounded out a 30-mile week of training, and despite trying to slowww down, still ran kind of fast. That either means I will run kind of fast during the half marathon or I’ll blow up and bonk. Fun odds!


I’ll try to slow down for next weekend’s 12-miler and negative split it to practice for the race. 

Ummm, I forgot how to gracefully end blog posts, so I’m just gonna go now.


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