Wedding-Planning Updates!

Aaron and I have been making steady progress with planning our wedding, which is now only a little over seven months away!

Wow. That seems like it’s coming up really quickly!


We wanted one of our wonderful engagement photos to be the star of our save the dates. I found a few designs that I liked online, and Aaron used them as inspiration to create this lovely announcement!


This is an iPhone pic of an actual printed save the date, so the quality and colors are not as good as in real life — but you get the idea. I love how it turned out!


We originally planned to save money by just creating an iPod playlist for the wedding, but then we couldn’t figure out who would man the iPod. We also realized we wanted a pro to be in charge of the party and act as emcee, managing the flow of activities (first dance, toasts, tossing things, etc.).

After scouring reviews and finding nothing but good things about this guy, we hired DJ Marc Sense of Integral DJs. He is totally organized, responsive, and down to play whatever we want to hear and nothing we don’t.

I’m busy curating a highly sophisticated mix of 80s music, current hits, and songs featuring Pitbull.


Next, we tackled the most fun and exciting bit of wedding planning by far… CUPCAKE TASTING!


This was my tasting plate. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Aaron and I love New York Cupcakes like nothing else, so it was a no-brainer to do wedding cupcakes rather than a traditional wedding cake. We wound up choosing SEVEN amazing flavors.








Shut. It. Down.

If you’re vegan or gluten-free or sugar-free, sorry — try a different wedding. We’re going full-on at this wedding and nobody can stop us.

Aaron and I will have two of our very favorite Cookie Dough Delight cupcakes waiting for us at the top of the cupcake tower. The half-baked cookie dough inside of the cupcake looks like this (photo from 2012):


I rest my case.


I still have not chosen a wedding dress (I know, I know), so choosing bridesmaid dresses was not really hi-pri in my mind… until last week, when I saw that J. Crew was offering 25% off all bridesmaid dresses!

I worked at J. Crew for three years in college, so I’ve seen tons of their bridesmaid dresses and always secretly hoped to have J. Crew dresses in my wedding. But they are on the steeper side of price ($250-ish), and I was very conscious of (a) not wanting to ask my bridesmaids to spend too much, and (b) wanting to choose something my bridesmaids would like (or at least not totally resent). 

So, we jumped on the sale! I chose the color and fabric, and left the style up to each bridesmaid to choose for herself. Some girls ordered a few different styles and will choose which one they like best once they try them on, so I don’t know what the final choices will look like yet, but here’s a sampling of what they chose:





I love the deep purple color online, so I hope it’s just as beautiful in person! We shall see.


I will decide either this Saturday, March 1, or next Saturday, March 8. (I will decide. I will decide. I will decide.) I’m going to hit up two stores that I’ve already visited and re-try my fave dresses, plus try a few new dresses that I really like online and have finally arrived in-store. I’m excited to choose something once and for all and check this off my list!


That’s all for now. We still have details like flowers, decor, and a few other things to tackle, but we’re feeling really good about how much we have done.

It’s feeling real now. And I can’t wait!

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