It’s our second to last day in Maui! Here’s a quick summary of the trip:

Sunday: Arrive, get rental car, check into AirBnB room, eat.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. Very hard rain. Nonstop. Eat, drink, watch movies, eat and drink some more. Curse the rain.

Thursday, Friday: GLORIOUS SUN! Finally! Go to the beach, swim, eat, drink.

Saturday (today): Still sunny, so far! Rain is in the forecast. G–d— tropical-ass island.

I have managed to run nearly every day, although not very far (but enough to forge a shorts tan line that will plague me for the rest of the year). Either the rain was too cold and heavy (torrential, really) or the sun was too harsh for my wimpy self. Here’s what I’ve managed:

Monday: 3 miles, 8:38 pace

Tuesday: 4 miles, 9:06 pace

Thursday: 3.5 miles, 8:53 pace

Friday: 3.5 miles, 8:38 pace

Saturday (today): 5 miles, 9:18 pace

Today’s run included just under two miles run barefoot on the beach! Talk about a workout. I’d be so ripped if I did that every day.

Aaron brought his bike and has ridden nearly every day. On Thursday he rode to the summit of Haleakala (10,023 feet of elevation) in just under 3.5 hours, which is ah-mazing. It takes an hour to DRIVE it and it’s steep as shiz. He had tourists asking to take pictures WITH him at the summit. Badass.

Off to enjoy the last few days of vaycay! See more pics on my Instagram ( and on Aaron’s (

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