1. Tonight’s run.

Seattle has SO MUCH AIR to breathe compared to Colorado!!! Sea-level lungs are happy lungs!

2. Dr. Harvey Longback.

Dr. Longback is a Bassador — that’s a Basset/labrador mix — with whom Aaron and I were roommates for two days in Boulder (I highly recommend booking a room in this house on Airbnb if you ever visit!).

Aaron doesn’t like dogs that much (the horror!!!), but even he had a soft spot for Harvey. He made me really, really, really want a dog.

We watched the rain together. Aww.

3. I registered for the Eugene Marathon.

Umm… yeah. I tend to register for future marathons while I’m already in the middle of training for a marathon, and then right after I run that marathon, I’m like, “WHY DID I PAY MONEY FOR ANOTHER FOUR HOURS OF HELL.”

It’s a problem.

But, it’s Eugene — iconic, you know — and the race was moved from April to July, so I don’t have to train through the winter for it. Seriously, I am taking a training break after Chicago and becoming a gym rat hamster for the winter. Then I’ll train for Eugene, run the damn thing, and then take another break for the home stretch of wedding planning and actually getting married.

4. Speaking of getting married…

Last night, I searched Etsy for “bicycle cake toppers” on a whim, and look what appeared in the search results:

Um, WHAT. I’ll be damned if that is not the spitting image of Aaron and me (but more Aaron) with Voldemort non-noses.

Right? RIGHT??

The cake topper was custom-made for another couple, so clearly we have some doppelgangers tandem-biking around somewhere on this planet. Make that doppelgangers who shelled out $205 for a cake topper.

5. More pictures from Colorado? Oh, if you insist.

Mid-run river selfie. Acceptable because nature.

Beaver Lake hike. I perfected my squat on this adventure, not because of my devotion to good athletic form, but because of my desire to not pee on my shoes.

I wear the pants (and feathered caps) in this relationship.

6. Aaron is the best man…

…in his best friend’s wedding on Saturday. I have a 22-mile run on Sunday. I will wear heels and dance (but not drink) anyway, because YOLO and all that.

7. Speaking of that…

Direct, unprovoked quote from Aaron in Colorado: “I think the girl wearing Juicy sweatpants with a denim jacket is taking YOLO a little too seriously.”


The end.

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