A mountaintop engagement!

I met up with my new running buddy, Karen, this morning for another 8-miler that flew by as she told me all about her ENGAGEMENT!!!

Look. At. This. RING!

Remember how I mentioned that on our last run together, Karen was doing 17 miles before work on a Friday? That’s because she was heading off on a backpacking trip with her boyfriend, Matt, for the weekend. And guess where he proposed?

At the top of a mountain, of course!!!

(I got Karen’s permission to steal/post these beautiful pics!)

What a lovely, romantic proposal! We had such fun chatting about it and wedding plans on our run. Karen wanted to “pick my brain” about wedding planning, but I was like… ummm… we’re just kind of winging it over here. I’m probably the last person to ask!

Food. Booze. White dress. Am I missing anything?

I barely remember the actual run because I was so caught up in our conversation, but I’m happy to see we held a fairly consistent pace while chatting!

And now I’m riding on a combo of runner’s high and vicarious engagement happiness. I am so thrilled for my new friend.

Congratulations, Karen and Matt!!! ❤

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