Tomorrow is a rest day!!!

I am officially hungry all. the. time at this point in marathon training. Week 9 is nearly complete. That means I’ll soon be halfway there!

Wednesday five:

Thursday speed intervals in the Kinvara 4s:

I got a really bad side stitch in the middle of split 8, which was my last half-mile of speedy running. I couldn’t get rid of it and it really slowed me down, which was a bummer.

I used to never get side cramps, but since the RnR Seattle Marathon, I’ve noticed that I get them on practically every other run. I’ll go ahead and assume that’s due to the fact that I’ve been more lax with my diet lately and have started enjoying a beer or two every few days once again. I’ll probably have to cut that out once again in the weeks prior to Chicago. But… not quite yet!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had lunch with mah boo today. ‘Tis the benefit of both working downtown!

How cute is he? So cute.

I generally think I’m a boring Instagrammer, since it seems that everyone else’s photos are super-stunning and awesome all the time. Mine are just kind of… interesting.

Let’s take my adventures and misadventures with fruit, for example.

Aaron gave me this apple and did not warn me of the CRAZINESS that awaited me inside. It’s called a Pink Pearl apple!

When one becomes frustrated while trying to open the blueberry package, one might fling blueberries all over the kitchen. Eh-hem, this was me.

And sometimes I just see exquisite personal style that must be shared with the world. These pants, for example, are elegant. Subtle. Timeless.

(She was speaking complete gibberish on her phone, which generally indicates excessive drug use, which might explain a lot.)

This has been a very random post.

Tomorrow is a rest day, THANK GOODNESS, which means I can sleep in an extra hour in the morning and spend the evening trying to meld my body into the couch. Meld, baby, meld.

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