Sweaty Wednesday #2

Sweaty Wednesday is a thing now.


I had a great five-mile sweat this morning in my new, blindingly bright Lululemon top.


I also ran four miles yesterday morning against all odds, as I was physically and emotionally exhausted by the THREE-HOUR finale of The Bachelorette on Monday night. All I have to say is, yeahhhhhhhhhhh Seattle!! (For you people with real lives, that means the bachelorette is engaged to a guy from Seattle, and she’s moving here this weekend. I will keep my eyes peeled for Des/Chris sightings, y’all.)

Anyway, somehow I ran Tuesday on very little sleep:


And I did both runs in the new shirt. I’m in loooooove! Many of you know I have a longstanding love of v-neck shirts, but it’s so hard to find good v-neck running shirts. This one is light as a feather and smooth as buttah. It’s also bright enough to keep me visible to cars as the days grow shorter.

I believe someone once sent me a Tumblr “ask” about where to find affordable running clothes. Lululemon is not the answer, and yet that’s where many of my staples come from, including the shorts I wear for every. single. run.

I’ve learned that it’s better to invest in a few high-quality pieces and wear them over and over than to buy a bunch of cheap, crappy stuff that feels crappy when you run and crappily fills your dresser drawers with crappiness. I read a great quote recently (on Twitter, maybe?) that was something like: “When you buy something cheap and low-quality, the best you’ll feel is when you buy it. When you buy something more expensive and high-quality, the worst you’ll feel is when you buy it.”

I don’t have a TON of running gear, but what I do have is nice stuff that doesn’t chafe, shrink, stretch, or pill — Lululemon, Brooks, Under Armour, and Road Runner Sports brands, mostly — and I don’t mind wearing the exact same clothes from race to race.

However, I think Target is awesome, and the Champion brand is good quality. All of my sports bras are Champion from Target — very affordable. (I realize that the bigger-chested ladies out there need to invest in stronger apparatuses that may also be more expensive, but that is your gift and your curse.)

What’s your favorite brand of running gear, whether it’s very affordable or more expensive? I’ve heard Oiselle is awesome for the ladies, but I haven’t tried it yet!

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