Flashback Friday: What Aaron looked like with 40 extra pounds.

2005: 215 pounds / size 38 waist / 19 years old

2013: 175 pounds / size 32 waist / 27 years old

I’ve only ever known Aaron to be the size he is now, so it’s fascinating for me to see photos of him when he was heavier (and when he wore saggy jeans and a goatee!).

Before I got to know him very well, I assumed he was one of those naturally skinny people. But then I realized that he actually works really, really hard in order to stay in shape. He’s very careful about what he eats and has a ridiculous, unwavering dedication to cycling.

I’ve come to realize that’s true for most “naturally skinny” people. Nothing comes for free.

I can recognize Aaron’s face in that old photo, but not much else. He really is a different person now.

Still loves his dad, though.

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