The sickness

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Last I blogged about running, I made a triumphant return to the road on Wednesday evening for two easy miles. What happened after that was… tragic.

I felt fine on Thursday morning, but began feeling sick at work — chest tightness, coughing, runny nose, chills — and went rapidly downhill. I snagged a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon and walked away with a five-day round of antibiotics and an inhaler to combat the beast taking up residence in my lungs.

In all honestly, I’ve experienced chest tightness and, eh-hem, productive coughing in the mornings for weeks now. I was just able to live with it/ignore it prior to the marathon, because there was no way I was going to let some sickness keep me from running. I felt fine for the race itself, but I bet all that running and the recovery sapped my immune system and allowed the sickness to take over.

So here I am on Monday, still sick to the point of taking an actual sick day from work. I’m still tight-chested and sneezy and nose-blowy. I would like those antibiotics to kick in now, please.

I’m not sure when I’ll get back to running, but it’ll have to wait until I feel better. I want to give my body the rest it needs so this won’t drag on and on.

In “more exciting than a chest cold” news, Aaron (who is also sick!) and I did some home improvement over the weekend. Since there was no running or cycling happening, we spent some quality time at Home Depot ordering new cellular blinds to replace our (broken, possibly by me) metal blinds. Can’t wait for these to arrive in a few weeks!

We also painted up a storm. A little Silver Screen for the living room…

(We still have touch-ups to do on some light spots, plus the whole section of wall behind the lamp — had to let some spackle dry first. We’ll finish this weekend!)

And Coastal Mist for the bedroom…

It looks kinda baby blue in this photo, but it’s a bit more turquoise in person. I love it! Makes me feel like I’m on vacation… even when I’m just home sick.

After all the final touch-ups, we’ll start hanging photos and decorating. Aaron’s mom gifted us with some really awesome wall decor this weekend. I’ll post pictures when we put ‘em up!

Now back to resting and recovering. Cross your fingers that I get well soon so I can start training for Chicago!

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