Birthday zip-lining adventure!

Aaron did a great job in the Ski to Sea relay on Sunday! He got third place in the mountain bike leg (online results say fourth, but there’s no way the first-place guy could have done it in 19 minutes when it took everyone else 40+ minutes) and his team got ninth overall.

The team was on track to place higher, but the road cyclist got two flat tires on his ride. Still, they did an amazing job out of 450+ teams!

Aaron has zero photos from the race. Not even a single Instagram. Therefore, it’s like it never happened, and you get a zillion photos of zip-lining instead.

While Aaron was busy racing, my dad took my brother, Brandon, and me to Canopy Tours NW on Camano Island for a belated birthday adventure! 

I had been zip-lining once before in Puerto Rico, but my dad and bro had never been. This course was so much fun and decidedly less sketchy than the one I did in Puerto Rico.


We had lots of fun hooting and hollering as we zipped across the six lines between platforms perched up in trees and on land. One line was longer than the Space Needle is tall — EPIC.

The rain miraculously cleared up for the 2.5-hour adventure, and the sun even poked through the trees a few times. Loved being in the forest!

While we waited for the other members of our group to zip to one platform, we tested our safety lines and leaned off the platform. This was so much scarier-looking in person when you could see how high up we were! Dork face.

The final task was to descend straight down from the last platform.

There goes my bro!

We survived, and it was so much fun!

Thanks for an unforgettable birthday present, Daddio. 🙂

Monday was a pretty lazy day in comparison, with the exception of a rainy five-mile run.

I don’t mind the rain when it’s warm out, particularly since it scares some people away from Green Lake and gives me more room to run. 🙂

I had a super-duper lazy day today, since I worked from home so I could sign for a furniture delivery. Fresh air… I will get you tomorrow.

There should be a very exciting running-related delivery waiting for me at work tomorrow. I’ll post a pic when I have the goods in hand. Squeeee!

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