Rainy weekend

Seattle did not get the memo that it’s Memorial Day weekend, aka the unofficial kickoff of SUMMER. Quit it with the rain!

Yesterday was actually nicer, as the clouds parted during my 12-mile run and I wish I had put on sunscreen. I got a little color, but not burned at all — score.


This run was kinda slow for such a short long run. Maybe because I exerted myself so much last weekend? Maybe because I ate pizza and ice cream on Friday night? Maybe because I’ve been feeling really behind on sleep? Maybe because I didn’t eat enough before the run? All of the above?

I’m not worrying about it. The really important run is next weekend’s 20-miler! For that, I’ll focus on good nutrition and getting plenty of sleep this week.

Today, Aaron is off doing a race and I’m home, cheering him on virtually. Just pretend I’m there…


This photo is from a few weeks ago, obviously. That was the day we forgot the big camera and I had to iPhone it. This photo is courtesy of Jerry Gamez, the race director and same guy who took this photo last year! (Note that I’m wearing the same outfit… different color of the same Brooks shorts, different color of the same Old Navy t-shirt. Sigh.)

The race Aaron’s doing today is Ski to Sea, a multi-sport relay made up of cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, running, road cycling, canoeing, mountain biking, and kayaking. Aaron was recruited by a competitive, sponsored team to do the mountain bike leg!

You can see live results here, updated every five minutes. His team is Boomer’s Drive-In — Competitive Open division.

FYI, the running leg is about 8 miles with a 2,200-foot elevation drop. The runner on the leading team completed it in 34:59. WHAT. IS. THAT.

Meg is also doing the running leg of Ski to Sea, but on a different team from Aaron! Go Meg!

Meanwhile, I’m staying busy in Seattle. I went to an engagement party for my good friend (and bridesmaid) Sarah last night, and today I’m going zip-lining with my dad and brother! I hope the rain clears up soon…!

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