Destination: Le Tour

Dear Internet friends,

I have a shameless request for your help.

Aaron has entered a video contest to win a really fabulous prize: a trip for two to see the final four stages of this year’s Tour de France!

And guess who hung out of the trunk of a car to film the video and gets to go with him if he wins?? 🙂

It’s super-easy for you to help out:

  1. Click this link to visit the contest page
  2. Click on the video “My Life. My Dream. My Tour. – Aaron Pass”
  3. Press play to watch it (it’s only 30 seconds long!)
  4. Click the check-mark to vote for it


That’s it — only takes 30 seconds! There’s no need to log in/sign up/sell your soul for anything, and you’ll help make one of Aaron’s biggest dreams come true.

Edited to add: The contest website sometimes doesn’t load his video the first time, even though I’ve used a custom link that should pull it up. If you refresh the page a few times, you’ll be able to find his video, watch it, and vote!

If someone asked me to do this, I might think, “The chances of him winning are so slim that I won’t even bother to vote because it won’t make a difference.”

But I’d be wrong! There are very few video entries at this point, and Aaron’s is BY FAR the best. He could really, truly, actually win this thing!

It’s a popularity contest to narrow the entries to the top four (both views and votes count), and then Specialized HQ will choose the winner. I think he’s got an excellent shot, and we’d love your help to ensure that he’s among the top four!

That’s all. Here’s the link to watch and vote one more time.

Please reblog/share this post if you feel compelled to help out even more. (No pressure, though. I’ll love you just the same either way.)image

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