10.5 long run

True life: I haven’t done a double-digit run since the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon in December 2011!

Until today, yo.

I branched out from my usual loop around Green Lake and did a… slightly bigger loop around Green Lake.


I liked the change of scenery — it was particularly fun to run around my alma mater, the University of Washington — but I didn’t like having to cross so many streets, watch for cars, wait at stoplights, etc.

Green Lake has made me soft. I’ll just have to get used to it again; my runs just get longer and longer when marathon training starts, and I’m definitely not going to run in 2.8-mile circles for 20 miles.

I ran 10.5 miles today rather than 10, since I cut a half-mile from Monday’s run to make sure I got home in time for the TV crack that is The Bachelor.


I sipped Nuun throughout the run and ate a chocolate Clif Shot at mile 5.5. I felt great except during mile 8, when I shuffle-ran up Ravenna — a big bitch of a hill.


Sometimes my stomach feels off after long runs, but today I had nooooo trouble plowing through a banana, my leftovers from dinner last night, and a bunch of chips and salsa. Yum yum yum.

Let’s talk about dinner last night. Aaron and I went to Local 360, a lovely restaurant in Belltown that sources most of its ingredients within 360 miles of Seattle. Aaron’s mom gave us a gift card (thank you, Greta!!), so we went a little cray last night (most of the damage was documented on Instagram).

The highlight for me was my entree: beef shortrib with roasted potatoes and yellow and purple carrots, all smothered in béarnaise sauce.


The shortrib was a little too rare for my liking (I was kind of scared), but all the flavors were awesome. I saved half of it and microwaved the crap out of it post-run and it was amaaaaaazing.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve replenished all the calories I burned, and it was a joy and a pleasure.

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