Too tired to title

I was too tired to post my workout last night… instead, I went to bed at 9:30. Excellent decision! Both Aaron and I find ourselves getting hungrier and hungrier as we ramp up our workouts, but only I find myself getting tired earlier, apparently.

I did a rare Tuesday-night run because I know I won’t have time to do these easy three miles on Thursday, when I’m traveling to Palm Springs and have a full agenda until 9 p.m.:


The key was to slowww dowwwn, since I don’t normally run three days in a row and I need to save my legs for speed intervals tonight. We’ll see how successful I was…

I also did an abbreviated weight-lifting session because I was so hungry for dinner.

Two sets of:

  • Bicep curls — 8 reps, 15#
  • Hammer curls — 8 reps, 15#
  • Military press — 8 reps, 15#
  • Bent-over row — 8 reps each side, 20#
Followed by a hamburger patty with avocado, pickles, and a huuuge salad.

And now for my last day of work before three days at a resort, the warm temps of Southern California, and a long weekend thanks to MLK Jr. Day!

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