I got to leave work early today since I have to pack for Palm Springs tonight and go to the airport first thing in the morning. Woo-hoo!!! I was so excited to do my run in the daylight.

Light or dark, running at Green Lake never gets old.

I’m also pumped about my speed intervals! I never have a goal time for them; I just run nearly as hard as I can, without running so hard that I have to stop. Looking at them now, I see that they were nice and fast and CONSISTENT!!!

Looking at this reminded me of Yasso 800s, the workout that can supposedly help predict your marathon time. During marathon training, you work up to running ten 800-meter (half-mile) repeats in the same number of minutes/seconds (like 3 minutes, 55 seconds) as the hours/minutes you want to run your marathon (like 3 hours, 55 minutes).

I only did four half-mile repeats, but I’m still thrilled to see that I consistently did them in about 3:55! So… 3:55 marathon? Sounds good! Perhaps I’ll integrate Yasso 800s into my marathon training plan.

I was also pumped on Monday to finally run 4.5 miles in less than 40 minutes, and super-pumped today to do it in less than 39 minutes!

Sorry to be so CAPS-LOCK-Y and exclamatory!!! today. I just love seeing and feeling PROGRESS!

OK, I’m done.

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