I’m still mulling over the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle half vs. full situation (although I’m heavily leaning toward the full, since I irrationally loooove marathon training), but I did decide today to do my favorite race of all time again!


I ran Seattle’s Best 15K in its inaugural year two years ago on my 24th birthday (May 21). This year, it falls on May 18, so it’ll be a great farewell to 25.

My time was 1:23:07, which is an 8:55 average pace (here’s the full race recap) — yowza!

It was also the most fun race I’ve ever done, and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. Seriously. Like a crazy person.




(No need to rely on official race photos when your boyfriend/now-fiancé is an awesome photographer!)

My goal will be to PR.

Also, to smile my face off once again.

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