Four eyes

I kicked things off tonight with an easy-ish three-miler:

It’s hard to slow down, even though I know I should use my Thursday night run as an easy recovery run between Wednesday’s speed intervals and Saturday’s long run. My first mile was too fast, as usual, due to the fact that that the 30-something-degree temp nearly froze my face off. Then I had to work on dialing it back.

I settled into a groove, eventually, and had about a minute where my legs were so numb from the cold and on complete auto-pilot so I could hardly feel them, and the velvety darkness all around me could have easily been water that I was floating, floating, floating through effortlessly.

Night running: I give it two thumbs up.

All of my workout tanks are in the laundry (and my running clothes were completely sweat-soaked and gross after the run), so I dug up my Full Moon Party tank to wear for stretching, foam-rolling, and lifting weights.Β 

I stole Aaron’s glasses to match my hipster owl, and by “stole” I mean took them directly off his face while he was playing Xbox. He didn’t even get that mad, and waited patiently for me to return them, and that is how I know he loves me.

I did:

  • 15 crunches
  • 15# bicep curl x8
  • 15# hammer curl x8
  • 15 right-side crunches
  • 15# military press x8
  • 15# upright row x8
  • 15 left-side crunches

And repeated that for a total of three rounds.Β 

So far I’m on track to complete every workout on my training plan this week. Feels good!!

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