Wednesday intervals

The hardest workouts are the most satisfying and productive in the end!

This week’s speed intervals:

  • 1 mi warmup
  • 4 sets of 0.40 fast/0.10 recovery
  • 1 mi cool-down


The 0.40 fast/0.10 recovery combo was so much easier than the 0.50 fast/0.25 recovery I did last week! Not sure why, since I had less recovery time.

There were more people than usual walking and running around Green Lake, and at first I thought it was because we had a nice (and very rare) clear night. On second thought… it’s January 2nd.

Welcome to the grind.

Aaron had a treat waiting at home for me:



It cooked all day on low in the crock pot (using this method), and then he popped it in the oven for 25 minutes at 425 degrees to crisp up the skin. Holy cow, this was amazing.


And now Aaron has agreed to watch Magic Mike with me because I’ve never seen it! I convinced him that it had a clever storyline (or something…? probably such a lie). Best fiancé ever!

Updated to add: WTF? Terrible movie! We got legitimately bored and turned it off. And I had such high hopes…

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