Come rain or snow

Aaron has decided he’ll run with me on Mondays and Thursdays.

Tonight, we just had a two-miler to do. As I turned on my Garmin and set it out on the deck to find satellites, I noticed…

“Ummm… it’s snowing!”

Aaron laughed and replied, “No, it’s not… oh, yup, it is.”

“Do you still wanna go?”

“Do you?”

“I’m already dressed…”


It definitely wasn’t the fastest run, since I skidded in a few icy places on the sidewalk and then got really paranoid about falling, but I got it done! (Aaron got it done way faster than me, since he’s more daring and sprinted ahead when I started running granny-style.)

The snowflakes were huge at first, which was really fun to be out in, and then they turned into boring old rain. Oh, well. We’ll always have the memories.

I also lifted weights and did some crunches, but I’ll admit that I’m totally half-assing my strength training. I just haven’t put the effort into looking up new lifting routines, so I just stick with the same old stuff and it’s not challenging my muscles. Must. Start. Caring.

So excited that tomorrow is FRIDAY! We’ve got an active weekend planned, including my long run (6.5 miles) and Aaron’s group road ride with the Audi team on Saturday, and his mountain bike ride and possibly some bouldering for me on Sunday.

Aaron also signed up for a fun bike race next weekend, and I’ve heard whispers from a former co-worker about possibly forming a team to run Ragnar Northwest Passage this summer. Sign. Me. Up!

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