Pumping… water?

I had it in my head today that even though I substituted spinning for running last night, I still wanted to run tonight in addition to lifting weights.

But, as I waited 25 minutes in the cold for my (very, very late) bus home, that determination waned. The last of it disappeared as it started to sprinkle on my walk between the bus stop and home. I would just pump iron tonight.

And then… we ended up pumping water instead.

I came home to find that the water heater was leaking all over the place. Aaron had pulled the stacked washer/dryer out of the hall closet to soak up the leaking water with towels, and he’d shut off all the water to try to get the leaking to stop.

The possibility of no shower before work tomorrow = no sweat-inducing workout for me tonight.

After many attempts to pump excess water through a hose (pictured) and lots of frustration when water just kept on leaking, we called a plumber to make things right.

The nice plumber is finishing up the paperwork for the new water heater he just installed as we speak.

Oh, life. It doesn’t always go as planned. Shit goes wrong. Plans change.

There’s always tomorrow. And, thankfully, tomorrow includes a hot shower.

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