Soaked to the bone

Last night’s speed intervals:


I dilly-dallied for half an hour before going on this run because it was sooooo darrrrrrk and soooooo coooooold out, but once I got out, I really enjoyed myself and was all like, “Hey, I want to run an extra mile!” It’s always more satisfying to run a complete loop of Green Lake than an out-and-back.

Of course, it started absolutely pouring during that last mile, but I loved every minute and would do it again in a heartbeat. Oh, hey, I will tonight!


I had Aaron take a pic to show how soaked I was coming back from this run, but you can’t tell at all and I just look silly. Life story.

By the way, almost every time I run a complete loop of Green Lake (2.8 miles), I remember the time I tried to run around Green Lake with a college boyfriend, but I couldn’t even run for two minutes straight without stopping. He was just getting into running and it seemed effortless to him, so it made me feel like a steaming pile of poo that I couldn’t keep up.

I remember thinking I would never be able to run all the way around Green Lake.

And then there was that time he broke up with me, in part because I wasn’t “active enough.”

And then there was that time I saw via Facebook that he ran a marathon, and although his time meant nothing to me (I still wasn’t a runner back then), I was in awe.

And then there was that time that I ran a marathon without stopping.

And then there was that time that I went back and looked up his marathon time and realized that I ran my marathon more than 30 minutes faster than him.

And that makes me smile, friends, it really does. I’ve got nothing against the guy, but man, it feels good to smoke someone who used to make you feel inferior.

So that is what I think about every time I run around Green Lake: The fact that I’m doing something I never thought I could do, and that I’ve done (and will do) much bigger things as well.


Have a great Thursday! I know mine will be fab because the entire marketing team is kicking out at 12:30 to go indoor rock climbing, and then to happy hour.

Hilarity will surely ensue.

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