Long run and baking up a storm

It never really got light out today. Dark clouds hovered over Seattle and shat rain all over the place without mercy. It was a good day to get a run in early so I could then shower, get warm, and move on with my life.

I ran these four miles 33 seconds faster overall than last weekend’s four! The fact that the weather was miserable probably helped me get this over with faster. I’ll take motivation in any form.

I will also take cookies in any form.

My mom and I spent hours today whipping up Christmas treats! We made gingerbread cookies, pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies, and church window candy (minus the nuts) while Aaron and Don watched football. The Seahawks shut out the Cardinals, 58-0 — whaaaaat?!? Go Hawks!

Our gingerbread cookies were mostly classic Christmas shapes, but with a few dinosaurs thrown in for good measure.

A Christmas brontosaurus, of course.

Award-winning decor.

We then watched Love Actually, per tradition. Best Christmas movie EVER.

Now, what to do with all these treats?? I think we’ll eat a few, freeze a few, and share the rest with co-workers. I’m sugared out for today, so we’ll see how I feel tomorrow. : )

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