Holiday fun!

Last night was my company’s holiday party, and we had a little too much fun!

Aaron and I started out the night by grabbing drinks and light eats at The Purple Cafe in downtown Seattle.


Malbec and duck liver pâte (so good) for me; beer and tomato soup for Aaron.

Then we hopped on a bus to Capitol Hill for the party at Melrose Market Studios, a cool, urban event space where three of my co-workers have actually gotten married (two of them to each other)!

I don’t have any photos from the party, since I was too busy frequenting the open bar and raiding the appetizer buffet all night, but just picture me in a black-and-white polka dotted dress and Aaron looking snazzy in a white shirt and skinny black tie. I didn’t spill wine on myself, and we snagged a free town car ride home, so I’ll say the party was a success. Holiday party round two (Aaron’s company) is next Friday!

I picked up a new dress today for that party and for New Year’s Eve in Vancouver.


Sequins!!! I am actually wearing this dress backwards, because I like the scoop neck better in the front than the back (the actual front has a higher neckline), and the lady helping me said it works either way.

(By the way, I Googled “chevron vs. zig-zag” to find out if there is a difference and if this dress qualifies as one or the other, and I discovered that this is a zig-zag pattern and chevron is a completely different pattern. A bunch of design/fashion/home decor bloggers are going nuts for “chevron” patterned items lately, but they’re actually zig-zag patterned items. Exhibit Aexhibit B, and exhibit C. The more you know.)

Aaron was extremely patient as I searched multiple stores for shoes to go with my zig-zag dress. I only have one pair of heels, and they are black suede wedges that I felt would be too dark and heavy with this dress. I went tan suede with gold trim instead.


Sorry, I don’t buy fancy stuff very often, so I get really excited about it.

Back to fitness stuff. I decided to swap this weekend’s workouts to do cross-training today and my long run tomorrow because my shins are feeling a bit splint-y.

But after running around all day shopping and doing errands, plus feeling not-so-great after too much wine, I’m officially skipping my date with the bike trainer and just doing my long run tomorrow. I’m a-ok with this decision.

Since I started my training plan two weeks ago, I feel like I’ve become more energized on a daily basis, and I definitely notice my body slowly looking more athletic — more like how I looked a year ago.

Even though the number on the scale hasn’t moved much, I can now wear my jeans without counting the minutes until I get to change into sweatpants. I can walk out of a fitting room in an attention-grabbing dress and not feel self-conscious when everyone in the store looks at me. I can grab my normal sizes of clothes and know they’ll fit perfectly.

I actually got really excited today, for the first time, to try on wedding dresses, because I know I’ll be happy with what I see in the mirror. I couldn’t say that a month ago.

Anyway, tangent. Time to relax tonight. Happy weekend!

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