Cross-training and Christmas

Today was a cross-training day, so I did just over 30 minutes on the bike trainer, which was tougher than I expected! I definitely got my heart beatin’ and sweat pourin’. Good times.

I did:

  • 8.07 miles
  • 15.6 mph average
  • 21.3 mph max

…while watching an On Demand episode of Giuliana & Bill. (I just love them together, and am so happy they were finally able to have a baby!!)

Then Aaron and I headed over to our friends’ place to hatch New Year’s Eve plans. We’re doing a five-couple trip to Vancouver, B.C.! So excited.

Our other mission today was to get a Christmas tree, but first we got a little sidetracked by cupcakes. Aaron “likes” our favorite cupcake place (and future vendor for our wedding cupcakes!!) on Facebook, and we got sucked in by today’s seasonal cupcake flavor.

It was SO GOOD.

We also got two more cupcakes to share: salted caramel and cookies ‘n cream.

Aaron LOVED the salted caramel, but it was too rich for me. I preferred the simplicity of the cookies ‘n cream. Of course, nothing compares to the greatest cupcake of ALL time: the cookie dough cupcake. That one will be at our wedding for sure.

We won’t do an official tasting to place the order for our wedding cupcakes until January or February 2014, so in the meantime we’re just doing… research…

Anyway, we eventually found the perfect little Christmas tree. I put on the Pandora Christmas station and lit a pine-scented candle to get the Christmas spirit flowing while we decorated.

Thanks to Aaron’s mom for giving us lights, ornaments, and old stockings that she didn’t need anymore, because otherwise we had nothing except for my sparkly lobster ornament (because) that my mom gave me a few years ago.

Now it really feels like Christmas!

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