Great run!

Yesterday was a rest day, and Aaron and I did two super-rare things last night:

  • We went out to eat.
  • We ate lots of bread.

Aaron has been craving Indian food for a while, so Taste of India was our jam. We ordered chicken tikka masala and butter masala with lamb to share, plus a huge piece of hot, doughy, garlicky naan. Yum.

Apparently the food didn’t go over so well for Aaron (he felt sluggish on his ride this morning), but I had a great run!

4 miles in 38 minutes at a 9:30 average pace. Freakishly even numbers.

And negative splits!

I usually do an out-and-back between home and Green Lake, but today I ran to Green Lake and finished my run there so I could run continuously on the path and not have to stop for traffic lights. Once I got down to Green Lake (about 0.8 miles in), I ran the whole time! Can’t stop, won’t stop.

I was very sweaty and red-faced afterward. The walk home was nice for cooling off!

I saw this funny sign on the way back. Heh.

And really enjoyed being outside in the DAYLIGHT so I could admire the fall colors of the leaves, even though they’re all on the ground now instead of on trees.

Now we’re off to see a movie and grab dinner with Aaron’s parents, and I have TWO friends who are celebrating birthdays tonight. Busy first day of December!

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