Speed intervals in the dark… and rain… LIKE A BOSS.

Running makes me so, so, so happy. Seriously. Endorphins, man. I’ll take mine on the rocks.

I thrive on training plans because they make exercise feel mandatory. I’m a chronic overachiever, and I hate not being able to check something off a to-do list. I really enjoy turning each box on my training plan purple as I complete the workout. I probably enjoy it WAY too much.

Tonight’s workout:

  • 0.5 mile warmup
  • Four sets of 0.25 fast and 0.25 recovery
  • 1 mile cool-down

My training plan said three miles, but I spent a little extra time at Green Lake to do the speed intervals along the uninterrupted path rather than having to stop for stoplights on the way back home. It made for a longer cool-down, but it was nice because I felt great and had a ton of energy.

It rained a bit, but I somehow didn’t mind. It actually made me feel more badass, which I should have remembered from past experience.

I borrowed Aaron’s headlamp because mine looked a little too weak on my last run, and it is a-maz-ing. I’ll be using it on all of my night runs!

I ended the run feeling super-strong and thrilled to be back in an exercise routine. It’s amazing how exercising makes you feel MORE energetic overall. I don’t know what kind of dark magic that is, but I like it.

I was going through some of my posts from around this time last year (like The 12-mile race and 10 mi and 20 miles DONE!!) and and couldn’t believe how (relatively) fast I was.

I’ll tell you right now: I’m gonna get way faster than that. Like, scary fast. It’ll take me a while, but I’ll get there.

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