Getting ready!!

Tomorrow: SEA -> JFK -> MXP

I’m very excited to add another stamp to my passport!

My flight leaves Seattle very, very early Friday morning, so I need to pack today. I’ll procrastinate by going for a run, since I don’t plan to do much exercising in Italy other than walking a lot, hiking in Cinque Terre, casually biking in Tuscany and lifting many, many glasses of wine to my lips.

I’m not bringing my laptop — one hand with a slice of pizza + other hand filled with wine = no hands left for typing — so you may see a few photo posts from my phone or nothing at all until I get back. And then… prepare yourselves for the onslaught.

If you need something to read today, here are a few recent travel posts from my other blog:

Soaring Over Kauai

My Travel Must-Haves… And What to Leave Behind

Aaron and I are flying separately to Italy, and he’ll arrive in Milan about 11 hours after me. I’m a little nervous about finding stuff to do in the meantime, but I just try to remember that I made it through five countries by myself earlier this year. Somehow.

I think I’ll just…

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