Pre-trip run

My poor Garmin is staying home for this trip, so these are the last splits you’ll see for a while:

I was prepared for a super-sucky run since I took three days off after the 5K, but it was surprisingly good and speedy! Maybe because I have tons of pre-trip adrenaline built up in my veins.

I’m really, really, really excited to choose and train for my next race. I think I’ll do another half-marathon before my next marathon — maybe I can work it into marathon training like I did with the Labor Day Half.

But I’ll think about all that after I get back from Italy. The only running-related thing I’ll be doing during the trip is finally reading Born to Run, which I just loaded onto my Kindle along with the A Song of Ice and Fire series (aka Game of Thrones).

I am so late to both of those parties.

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