Un-timed 4-miler (give or take…)

This is so pathetic, but I’m lost without my Garmin. I can roughly estimate distances when I run my favorite routes, but I hate not being able to check my pace or hear that triumphant beep when I complete another mile.

Today, I set out to run from Aaron’s house to Green Lake, all the way around and part of the way back for about 4 miles (I know if I run the whole way back, it’s 4.5).

I mapped the exact route afterward and came up with 4.2! I’ll take it.

I have no idea how long it took me since I got too frustrated with the stopwatch on my phone and wound up just stuffing it in my sports bra. (Yes, it got very sweaty.)

It was a beautiful day to run at Green Lake. I took some walking breaks in the shade every now and then, plus stopped at all the water fountains since I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday’s puke-tastic feeling of dehydration.

And LOOK what arrived later in the day!!! (I’ve already acknowledged I’m pathetic, remember?)

Aaron is the king of buying and selling stuff on Ebay, and he found this barely used Garmin from a seller who had tons of positive reviews on electronics sales. It’s in practically perfect condition!

Now I just have to, you know, avoid crushing it into a million pieces.

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