Ballard Seafood Fest

Aaron and I met up with Vicki at the Ballard Seafood Fest today! I hadn’t seen Vicki since November, when she stopped by the Seattle Marathon expo where I was working as a volunteer. She, of course, was running the marathon.

Vicki looks amaaaaazing. Hot damn. And she’s doing an Olympic tri in Chelan next weekend. Be sure to wish her luck and virtually cheer her on!

I’m a seafood fiend, so I enjoyed lots of it at the fest. I had a crab melt, bacon-wrapped scallops in a tortilla with cabbage and pesto, more scallops on rice with a mushroom marsala sauce and the two-scoop ice cream cone you see above. Nothing was Paleo… but everything was delicious.

In one week, Aaron and I will be in Hawaii! I plan to eat healthier this week in preparation for lots of beach time, and I hope to get back into exercising now that I’m back from Portland.

I did lots of walking in Portland, but that was it. Besides having a chronically swollen ankle, I also felt something in it pop once when I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk. It was such a weird feeling, but it didn’t hurt to walk afterward. I usually massage my ankle every day since the ligaments healed so tightly, and I noticed a very tender, painful spot after the tripping incident. It’s no longer painful, but I’m still wary since I have no clue what happened.

I’ll just ease slowly back into my walk/run intervals and hope for the best!

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