I spy with my little eye…

…two ankles that are (roughly) the same size!

That was a weird way to start this off, but this is notable because:

1. My left ankle was very, very swollen all last week.
2. I took this photo after running/walking nearly 3.5 miles.


Warmup: Walk 0.25
8 Intervals: Run 0.25 / Walk 0.10 
Cooldown: Walk 0.40
Even cooler cooldown: Frozen peas in the hammock 

So, I stuck fairly closely to the Paleo diet in June. I ate tons of veggies, typically a big, beautiful salad each day and lots of protein.

In July? Not so much.

Aaron and I had our big “cheat” day at the beginning of July.

And then there was the 4th of July and all of that delicious food at a friend’s BBQ.

And then I went to Portland for a week.

And… let’s just say things have gone downhill.

Tragically and deliciously downhill. Clearly, my phone was full of the evidence.

I still have plenty of clothes that don’t fit me as comfortably as they did six months ago or at all, and that’s a bummer. It reminds me of how much I want my old athletic body back and how I should just say no to outrageously awesome things like bacon-maple doughnuts.

I can’t say I really regret that doughnut, though, or anything else you see above. Honestly, I quite enjoyed rebelling against pretty much every dietary guideline I stuck to in June. I also don’t obsess over the fact that I’ve gone up a size or two. Maybe I should? And then I would feel the urgency to eat healthier and step up my exercise?

I’ve gotta turn it around somewhere, that’s for sure, because it is wayyy too easy to keep going in the wrong direction.

Currently seeking: A healthy balance.

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