This morning I did Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones DVD, which is much longer and more sweat-inducing than the 30-Day Shred. Whew! I’m continuing to love working out before breakfast.

Then I made my new favorite meal (a repeat from yesterday): One chicken-apple sausage, one fried egg and some steamed asparagus. I prefer asparagus cooked in a pan with coconut oil, but it’s faster to steam it in the microwave. And my egg, of course, was a bit overcooked. I jinxed myself yesterday with that perfect egg!

Yesterday’s food you didn’t see: One apple-cinnamon Larabar before PT; a bit of leftover chicken soup, leftover shredded beef, a mango and dates after PT (I was starving); a big mixed-berry smoothie and chicken-apple sausage for dinner; dark-chocolate chunks (by the handful…) and almonds for dessert. So random, and all the sugar (from the mango, dates, berries and chocolate) made my stomach hurt.

TOMORROW is my final weigh-in and wrap-up of my month of eating Paleo! I’ve struggled in the last week or so with eating lots more sugary fruit, dark chocolate and Paleo treats than I should, but I still haven’t eaten conventional carbs (bread, pasta, etc.) or dairy. I definitely feel much better than I felt a month ago.

Plus, now I can run! I’m waiting for the rain to stop so I can do the first workout of my running program. Might just have to do it in the rain, like old times

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