My first run!

Per my running program:

– Walk ¼ mile at a brisk pace
– Run ¼ mile (50% speed/effort)
– Repeat cycle 4 times
– Total distance: 2 miles

And I did it in the rain.

What you see here is the result of programming my Garmin 305 to record quarter-mile intervals (I followed these instructions), which was so helpful! The Garmin beeped every quarter-mile to signal that I should start running or go back to walking.

My ankle didn’t hurt at all and the running got easier during each interval.

I don’t know what “50% speed/effort” is exactly ā€” to me, that would be, uhh, walking ā€” so I just ran at paces that felt comfortable:


Now I just need to ice the ol’ ankle (it’s not swollen, but I might as well) and maybe do this again tomorrow!

Who’s oh-so-happy to be running again?


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